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Chris from GT gives us a close-up look at 5 new bikes from the 2012 GT Bicycles Line: Interceptor, Performer, Zaskar 100 Carbon Expert, Zaskar Carbon9R Pro, Fury Alloy


  1. why do people bitch about video quality? The video is what you should be focused on. Stop bitchin people. Thumbs up if you agree

  2. BMX is dead. G.T. is dead. instead of bringing back dead 1980's bmx bikes, how bout bring back the old early 90's comp series framesets like the Psyclone and Xiang…and even the Richters and Bravados. I have a 09 Peace 9R, I love it, but imho everything you have made since is junk…what happen G.T., you used to make such killer bikes…sad.

  3. @Jeffgothro I absolutely agree. I know what happened; they sold the company to Pacific Cycles, and sub company of Dorel Industries who builds home furniture, not bicycles. They buried GT even deeper after the bankruptcy in '98. I was a GT guy as well in the 90's, not anymore. Most of their product today is low quality foreign junk that deserves no better than to be sold in the nearest Kmart or Target department store. It's not the same company at all anymore, just a name plate.

  4. Guys, don't bag on GT until you see the entire line…..There are alot of folks that have been with the brand since the beginning that are still working for the company, regardless of who owns them. So there is no mistake on recreating the past (i.e. Performer)…. Also, there are some really unbelievable bikes that are coming…Zixang Ti…..Yeah, it's in there…. Rather than focusing on the past, let's focus on the future and how GT is working hard to regain.

  5. How many times can you say " and umm uh ?'' while talking about bikes ! Does this dude really work for GT ? If so .. C'mon Man !

  6. Why redesign an 80's era bike, this is 2012. I bought an Avalanche Expert, new in 2010 and am glad I did because the 2011 model had a color scheme from the 80's. Not very cool.

  7. I love my 1997 GT DYNO Air. To tell you the truth i like the old frame and style of the GT bikes (20 inch) freestyle better than the new once. I also got a 80's GT Performer. U should see the kids around the neighborhood. LOL!!!! They keep asking me where did u buy that bike. I tell them. Not where but when. LOL!!!! U just can find a great bike like this just anywhere.

  8. I'll stick to my 97 Xiang, wipes the floor in the quality stakes to these nasty far eastern made pieces of crap! Being made in Taiwan, these bikes should be half their retail value!

  9. i just got my 2013 GT Avalanche 3.0 mountain bike. Love the bike!! I cant wait to ride on the mountains when i move to AZ next year 🙂 Chicago is pretty flat city.

  10. i'm thinking bout getting a 2012 avalanche 4.0 for a good price or a trek. the gt doesn't have disc brakes tho, not really sure if i need that tho.


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