Here is a quick video of my Park Tool PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair stand.

I purchased this about a year ago and haven’t got around to using it much.

This past year I was working on a project bike and some maintenance so it came in handy to have.

My ONLY main complaint is towards something I purchased from Park Tool’s and added on….the Park Tool 106-AC Accessory Collar/quick release between the upright and downright tubes.

It only holds onto the top/upright tube. Adjusting the height of the bike stand makes it difficult because the quick release will move up with the pipe and you will have to push it back down. This also causes it to allow the bike to move from side to side freely.

With the old bolt on height adjustment, it held both tubes together so the pipe wouldn’t move up/down or side/side as the two allen bolts would hold the downright and upright tubes.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty solid repair stand.


  1. Informative video. I have the exact same gripes with my PCS-9. Often i like to go from a vertical to horizontal clamp, so as not to damage my dropper post. And adjusting it takes a lot force, and is quite violent, since going from lock to loose is all or nothing. Once the bike is in place, it is quit stable and solid though.

  2. Regarding your complaint the the replacement quick release for the height adjustment, I purchased a pair of wing nuts, which has helped make adjustment quite a bit easier.

  3. your meant to use both the clamps, the accessory clamp just clamps to the top tube it's not meant to clamp top and bottom tubes.

  4. pretty sure that clamp is just for holding the tool tray. i think you bought the wrong part. you still need a proper clamp where the two poles slide to stop it from swiveling. like the one on the PCS-4. i'm sure it's a ridiculously priced part. park is nothing but a money grab now. their stuff is good but nothings worth that kind of money. I'm going with the feedback sports repair stand… for a few more bucks you get a pro quality repair stand… for now their prices are more reasonable… if their is such a thing.


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