Our wonderful guide Jeff, took us on a new route. It was a 20 minute ride up the mountain but the downhill was so worth every bit of the climb.
Once we reached the top, the trail was off to the right. It was a fairly new trail. still some sticks sticking up and briers but we soon reached the cut in trail down below.
We were goofing a lot even by trying to push that tree over. The reason we stopped was to move a fallen tree off the trail.
Hunters Haven trail was fast and rolling with a steep drop off. Loved the trail. Thanks Randy for all you and your teams work on these wonderful trails.
At the end of the video we were goofing off being kids and climbing a gravel pile.
regardless one of my favorite trips and routes on Blackberry Mountain.
Thank You Jeff Knippen you are a true pro and an awesome guide.
Also in the video was Josh Waters a very quick road cyclist.



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