We take a look at the 2015 range of BMC bikes.


  1. Ugh ..computer told us that top tube and seat tube must be DALIed up. It is one surreal, functionality that we are going after. 

  2. I have a 2014 SLR02… Love it… You asked about different carbon layers on the different models, does this mean my SLR02 has less or different carbon than the SLR01?

  3. I got a bit seduced with these videos of BMC. Bought one SLR 02 found out by myself that the bicycle is more fragile than glass. I would not recommend to anyone. If you are thinking of buying one, think again.

  4. I have both the BMC GF01 and GF02 and I love them! Thanks for the interview. I enjoyed watching it.


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