It’s official: the BMC GF01 Disc is the best road bike of 2015. We’ll leave to to Cycling Plus’ test-guru Warren Rossiter to explain exactly why.


  1. I got a BMC SLR02 and the frame broke incredibly easily. I fell on traffic at 0 km/h. I spoke to the factory, shared a lot of data about my rides and BMC warranty did not cover anything. They actually told me that their bikes should break if they fall. Buy a BMC if you are sure you will never fall, will never lock the bike to anything, will never transport in a car, etc or if you are very rich and can buy a new frame for every incident you have, because from my experience, the frame will not resist to the weakest touch. Don't recommend buying one.

  2. I bought this bike in the ultegra di2 spec when my LBS presented me w/ an offer too good to refuse. It wasn't really what I was looking for as a winter bike (I really wanted to run cross tires) and so I hastily swapped out the frameset for a CX01 when that became available. In the short time I drove it (about 300 miles) I was treated to one of the nicest rides I've ever experienced… How BMC have managed to engineer such an efficient yet comfortable frameset is a marvel. No b.s. I'm talking about a seriously comfortable bike that gives up nothing when you stand on it and hammer (and I'm nearly 90 kg!). Handling is superb. I miss it.

  3. +BikeRadar So, if this BMC Granfondo is 2015 BOTY, how come it never made your Top 5 – 2015 Road Bikes you reviewed late last year????

  4. only available from Evans in the UK therefore there ain't a cats chance in hell of me owning a BMC as i'd never spend anything again with that company.

  5. Nice job with the subtitles. They help me understand everything without troubles. Hope BikeRadar provides English subtitles for all the next videos. I really like it! Nice job.

  6. Have had back trouble and now looking for a more back friendly alloy framed machine with a short top tube and taller head tube. I am 173cm tall with 80cm inseam. The Merida Ride seems to offer good stats: top tube 530 & headtube 160cms. Are there any other better ideas????

  7. Hi. Thanks for all the testing and all the time you put into these videos. Very nice comments and unbiased opinions. I hope you can shed some light over some comments I've heard about BMC and the toughness of their carbon frames. I've read quite  some people complaining about how easy is to brake the frame compared to other brands (such as knocking down your bike while standing still). Is that true? did you feel any thing about this when you tested the bike? I'm really looking forward to get me a BMC GF01/02 by the end of the year…but I might go with the 01 and 105 and upgrade it next summer based on what you mentioned in the video. Thanks a lot again for your time.

  8. I've been looking for this bike locally (Northern California) all summer and no one has stock. And, BMC does not allow internet sales due to their restrictive sales agreements. I was just told by several high-end bike stores that they are no longer going to carry BMC bikes due their their very limited distribution of bikes and their restrictive sales agreements. It's too bad. I have the money but can't find the bike. Going to settle for a Synapse.

  9. Ride and handling: relaxed and stable but not all that comfy

    This is what you wrote in the long term test dated May 4, 2014 for the GF02 with Ultegra. How can, essentially the same bike, go from 3/5 and not all that comfy to bike of the year 2015?

  10. So strange, the choice of rider and riding footage, with close-ups and everything. Such terrible technique! Is this helpful for the credibility of this channel?!

  11. Well thanks for the tip on this bike, I just bought one and did about a 5 hour ride on the first day I bought it. This bike is sensational! Thanks for your help Bike Radar.


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