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  1. all them hitters going uphill on either 36 or 39 inner ring and max a 28t cog at the back. The truth is that low gear ratio's are great for noobs because they have a lower ftp and need to spin out to get over the climbs. But remember Power = Cadence x Torque/force on the pedals so if you're a strong hittah with 300W FTP you can get away with a 36/28 for the hills because you have the strength and ability to spin out that kind of gear. I do believe in high cadence for the win – was watching the rio triathlon and all the riders in the break we're smashin it spinning 100+ rpm and they got over 2minutes on the rest of the field and stayed away because they aren't affected by all this retarded cycling culture bullshit about big gears and having huge quads!

  2. i have two of those lights on my bike, outstanding kit, gets me home safe in very dark, wet n windy Scottish winters….


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