Step into the bottom bracket standard maze with Simon Richardson. Don’t worry, he knows his way around.

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BB30? PF30? Octalink? Hollowtech? The world of bottom bracket standards is about as complicated as it gets in cycling. Simon explains all in this video.

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  1. In my opinion, all pressfit BBs are shit with creaking and all other problems that come with them. It probably works for the pros because they change bikes every season, but not so much for an average cyclist. I service my BB like every 100 riding hrs or so. Think about how many times you can punch out and service pressfit BBs before BB shell goes out of tolerance and start creaking. Cudos to Pinarello for staying with traditional Italian treaded BBs.

  2. wait, Cannondale invented something that ended up being notoriously difficult to work on, difficult to replace, ultra-proprietary, and completely pointless? I'm shocked.

  3. Hello, my bike has a shimano bc1 37" x 24" road bottom bracket. What
    shimano COMPACTcrank set should I buy that is compatible to this bottom
    bracket? Thank you in advance.

  4. Just went from square taper to Hollowtech II BB and the difference is night and day imo. I Will never go back to a st bb ever again.

  5. Thanks GCN! You just saved me a lot of time and my headache switched from BB-standards to consider wether to stick with my BB30 power meter or "upgrade" to a new more compatible one… 🙂

  6. What I just learned is that I will be letting my local shop do any work on my bottom bracket whilst I sip on two fingers on Glenlivet, sans ice of course.

  7. ill never buy press fit, i replace my bb seemingly every other season. external bb one tool, 5 min, done

  8. Curious as to space factors between BB's and Frame Diameter? Bought a Cube elite HPC frame and was issued with a BB91-42 BB, the diameter is 42mm, the frame is 41mm, im finding it impossible to get specification or data sheets on the frame, i can't find and tolerance guides for BB's, i read .025mm was one tolerence another was +/-0.5mm, It seems there is no documented standards or guidelines for installs. i don't want to force the BB i just want to confim i was issue with the correct BB, the guy was suppose to fit it, and i cant trust the local shop. I apologize i'm only a novice bike mechanic and doing this as a hobby, any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards Aidan

  9. Its a piss take that they don't put a small stamp under the bottom bracket stating the type of BB needed and and install side.But they should never have come up with multiple types they should all confirm to 1 standard and do away with the others,rant over.

  10. I came here to understand bottom brackets and I left even more confused than before. Manufacturers should standardise this embarassing mess.

  11. This is probably the only GCN video I watched with half a cringe, paused 3 times so that I could refocus, was relieved at the end that it was over and then heartly hit that thumbs up.

  12. I have a square taper threaded bottom bracket. I want to know which of the newer types of bottom brackets my frame would be compatible with.


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