BikeFolded revised the comparison between Brompton and Dahon folding bikes. Let’s see which brand is better now.


  1. Why Dahon did take so long to make a folding bike like Curl? I thought there was copyright of the Brompton folding mechanism.

  2. I have to agree totally with your review even though I have nothing against Dahon. Dahon has proven that they are more than capable of building a high quality bicycle but I think they need more focus.
    Instead of trying to build a 16 inch folder which they apparently cannot compete when it comes to the Brompton they should instead focus on the what they are best at, building 20 inch folders. If they would stop trying to create different models every year and instead focused on improving the models they already have they'd be able to possibly provide the same quality and replacement parts that the Brompton has and even temp Brompton fans to purchase their bicycles. I'd even consider a 20 inch folder for longer rides.

  3. Back in 2012 i Begin with folding bikes, even i had a montague, i ended with a 10 speed old road bike steel, im happier than ever (2 years) , cheap replacements, sub 9 kg, no Numb ass or Goofy unfolds, and if a go to another place i can Buy similar in 50 dlls on craiglist with no hazzlez

  4. The quality of Dahon is awful. Avoid.
    And if you're in the U.K., there's only one place you can get parts. I'm not mentioning them, but when I bought a Dahon spare from them, it'd instantly broke.
    Brompton has parts and upgrades everywhere. It really is a no brainier.

  5. Brompton bikes also command social clout. Just compare the presence on Instagram and facebook vs other folding bike brands

  6. Nice review; I am appreciative of the folks that do these, thanks. I have a Dahon Vitesse, Brompton M3R, Tern Swoop, Downtube Nova, and Giant Expressway. My rankings in order of quality are: Big time #1: Brompton. #2: Tern. #3: Well, the other 3 are all very close; I like them, they work, all in the $500-bike range, just not the solid, $1200+ ride of the other 2 bikes. Like anything else, you get what you pay for …

  7. If you live in the UK you wait until something goes wrong with a Dahon or Tern – I've had both and there is basically one Bike Shop in the whole country that has anything like the spares you might need and if they don't stock them – you basically won't get hold of them. There have been changes and you can now substitute many components with standard ones but that doesn't apply to ; Wheels, spokes, some nuts and bolts. The other thing is that continued folding and movement of letting down the seat post will wear to a point that you have no alternative but replace the whole seat post – which is expensive and guess what, only the same shop sells the range you will need because even Dahon's and Tern's own range of cycles have different seat post diameters. The other thing after hard riding and commutes is that for all folding bikes the best option is a hub /enclosed gear system I have consistently had to replace drive chains regularly , this is partially because the gears are so low to the ground and pick up all the delightful crud on British roads and just because I feel that exposed derailleurs on small wheeled folding bikes just don't seem to last. I am about to buy a Brompton because a) they seem to work well b) there are literally thousands of bike shops that will repair and have parts and c) the Dahon type bikes suffer from one more issue that might not be apparent – an enormous ammount of pressure both from the rider and any luggage seems to be put on the back wheel and I have gone through so many wheels (including specially strengthened ones ) and spokes etc .The Brompton design has suspension and appears offset from the weight issue – we'll see! I may be going back to Dahon's who knows, what this space. Hope this is helpful – even the cheaper folders are expensive so it's only fair that people know what they are going to have to deal with. Happy Cycling to one and all!

  8. Do people really buy Dahon's because they fold? I see them everywhere in China, even have a friend who has one. He has one not so much because it folds but because it is a really small bike. It rolls into and out of elevators with no problem and can navigate tight spaces, easy. He doesn't fold it when he parks it in his apartment, but it still takes up much less room than either of my bikes with their full size frames and 700c wheels. I've kind of wondered why Dahon doesn't make a tiny, non-folding bike without the hinge. Could be made much lighter if they didn't cut the frame.

  9. Most people would buy a Brompton if they had the money. The Dahon is only cheaper. But once you try a Brompton, you will see the difference.
    After all is said and done, Brompton made in England is the choice for most people who can afford it.
    If you cannot afford a Brompton, then a Dahon is your next ideal choice unless you want a Tern…
    After using mines for a few years, I have not had to repair it. And I have tested various Dahons. They still have not arrived to Brompton's style, social awareness or build quality…
    Now check out the competition, like Tern.

  10. The ride quality of a 16 inch bike is generally bad. The wheels are just too small. Almost any 20 inch Dahon rides better than a Brompton which are very good for a 16 inch wheel bike but that's not saying much.


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