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  1. Ok, I used it for the first time yesterday. The read outs looked fine at 10am with overcast sky. I didn't install cadence as I just wanted to test for speed, time and HR and they all appeared and were pretty easy to read while riding. However, the device was NOT intuitive to me from start to finish. I know how to scroll thru menu, choose cycling and start it. After that good luck figuring out the screens with the simple manual provided. Scrolling produced multiple options with no detailed explanations of any. I was also getting readings for lap 1, lap 2, lap 3 when all I wanted to do was record a 25 mile ride. Start/record/stop/upload…………boom done! Not quite that easy.

    I figured out how to delete (not intuitive imo) but a data box still showed seconds of time and did not clear to zero. Isn't that what delete should do? If any extra time appears it will mess up your avg speed. Seriously, Bryton needs better instructions.

    I didn't try to upload to Strava because I didn't see how and manual says nothing either. Glad I brought my Android phone as its simple to record………….pull up the app/hit record/hit stop/hit save activity. Easy Peasy.

    Anyone know if Bryton has more detailed instructions? It looks good on bike, but using it is not as easy as I hoped……………………….. so far. Granted, I'm not a computer geek, but there really should be better detailed instructuions.

  2. News info, if you have not gotten a Bryton 310 yet, you might want to hold off. Because news is Bryton is releasing (in April) Rider 330 (msrp $129) and 530 (msrp $179 w/ compass and GPS?) this year.

    So either way, the 310 price might come down after 330 and 530 release.

    I should of waited. =(

  3. how do you pair this thing to an android? tried everything and can not get it it to work. also the USB port is a POS on this, mine broke.

  4. Can you do a review or give some information on the training features of the Bryton Rider 310T? The manual shows that there are different kinds of training features. But I can't find reviews on those features. I would love to know more on how the computer handles those features.

    For example: you created a training plan to stay in a certain heart rate zone. How does the computer tell you that you are under/over the zone?

  5. Hello thank you for this great review. We've gone through a winter since you uploaded this video, let me ask, have experienced some failures or weird behavior with the device in cold temperatures? I mean, like in 5-10 degrees farenheit.

  6. Have you tried using the adhesive magnet? unfortunately my zip strip magnet fell off on my ride today and i cannot get the adhesive magnet to work ;(

  7. Hello! Look i need insdtruction to change the lenguage from Chinesse to Spanish…….Can you help me please???

  8. Great review, thank you! What you think about the reliability оf the mount after period of use?
    (sorry for my english , just starting to learn).

  9. Could someone tell me when it syncs rides with Strava if the route looks exactly like strava?Like a map, or if it just uploads elevetation gain,speed etc? Answer might sound obvious but this is so cheap compared to big brands out there i wanted to ask just to be sure.

  10. Why is it called a GPS device when it can't even show me the road?
    Plus, does is spilt HR into different levels so as to be able to preset zone to monitor what I am doing before my heart blows off?

  11. Thanks for your review… I did buy the 310 about 2 months ago… well, something is lose inside… when I hold the unit top bottom, the rattle stops… the rattling is loud, to the point that it prevents me from hearing if I adjusted my gears correctly (unless I firmly hold the 310)… I contacted Bryton customer service 4 times and have NEVER heard back… it has been weeks now… they have a phone number in California (virtual office), on their website… even have a ticket number… NOTHING… anybody else experience that bad customer service??? NOT GOOD PR???

  12. Estou com dificuldades em ligar sensor de cadencia do GPS briton 310, aparece no encram do GPS mas não regista cadência. Como posso resolver problema?


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