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  1. I've had terrible luck when purchasing a new bike with the front derailleur being misaligned!  Def take the time and learn how to do a bike check even if you are not mechanically inclined to correct the issue yourself.

  2. hi canodany im looking for a downhill bike. Canyon sender seems like a good deal could u do a review of it like the aeroad?

  3. Why its so expensive? I have on my 650$ bike (msrp) Sram x5 9sp (shifters and derailleurs), rs xc-30 tapered, truvativ e400 cranks (powerspline), internal cables. Bought it for 400$ 😉
    btw SICK video!

  4. I'm torn between this bike and the Cannondale trail 4 this will be my first bike in about 25 years so me and my fiancé will just be exercising with these not nothing extreme mostly hard surfaces plus I love this color over the Cannondale acid green!

  5. I'm still riding my shitty Raliegh I bought in 2001. Front suspension doesn't even work anymore. I Thrash the shit out of my bike and it still won't break. Heavier than a mother fucker too.

  6. Ive had this bike for a month. Put 200 miles of road and trail on it and it handles very well. I drive it like a madman through all sorts of terrain. No front derailleur clearance problem in mine, I think you should adjust yours. The closest I can describe it is you feel like you're driving a tank, roll over things much easier but turns are sluggish and open.

  7. Hi, I've been cycling and racing for years now,but road only. I'd like to start mountain biking too,even though I can't afford more than a entry level bike. Do you think that a bike like this ,or something entry level (I think about a Scott Scale 970 or a Grand Canyon AL) can be used for just riding,having fun and maybe some granfondo or marathon events?


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