The PodRide is a four-wheeled, electric bike that’s perfect for winter bike rides or off-roading. The fabric shell keeps the rider both safe and warm during harsh weather. It even comes with headlights, windshield, wipers, and a small storage compartment. The designer built the bike so he had a ride he could use all year long. Now others are crowdfunding his prototype for the chance to get their own.

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  1. I totally want one of these bikes!!!!! Do they come in Hot Pink and any other colors or do they only come in blue???

  2. Its a pedal powered car. Its not a bike to look like a car. Yes it looks like a car, but its still pedal powered. Pedal Powered car.

  3. American Laws keep the cars on the streets looking plain and boring that's why we can't get Holden Ute's or Nissan Skyline GTR cause of chicken tax and the 25 yr law 😭 can't we get something interesting and unique for once

  4. I want this so bad. Like ill be sitting there and mom will be like KYLE TAKE THE POD BIKE AND GET MILK FROM THE STORE, WE RAN OUT.


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