The BULLS Cross E8 is a feature-complete city ebike running the new Bosch Active Plus motor, it’s lighter, more efficient, and quieter than previous Active Line iterations, and the compact design is very hidden. Integrated lights and reflective tires keep you safe, the unisex color scheme is professional and crisp, available in deep wave or mid step-thru frame styles and three frame sizes for a great fit. The rear rack is sturdy and protects the Bosch Powerpack 500 very well, it locks into place using the same key that opens the frame lock and you get a quality security chain too, nice kickstand and bell accessories. The suspension fork is basic but provides a bump up in comfort, it compliments the adjustable stem, swept back handlebars, ergonomic grips, and gel saddle, great hydraulic disc brakes for easy stops (adjustable reach levers for people with large or small hands).


  1. If someone played a drinking game while binge watching your videos and took a shot every time you said "and I weigh 135lbs" . . well, they would be in no fit state to ride a bike after 🙂
    Great vid as usual and sweet practical bike too !! Thnx.

  2. If that's a Selle Royal saddle, why isn't it using one of their saddlebags that clips directly in? Helps for an uncluttered seatpost.

  3. Another over priced E-bike. I bout a full size montague folding mountain bike put a 1000 watt mid drive motor on it and a14ah battery only cost me a little over $1,700 bucks goes 40 mph had no major issues what so ever only a few flat tires.

  4. Perfect simple utilitarian urban bicycle.
    I really need those plastic fenders, my bicycle have inox steel and I always take off because of the weigh.
    Great video man!
    You should do more vids like the one in NY if possible. That was not only a video but a therapy, because you showed people how is possible to really ride a bicycle in New York city.

  5. I'm a big fan of your channel.You give great reviews. It shows just how many ebikes are out there. Have you done a long ride review ? A bike you have or someone else has ride for a year or so ?


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