Car Truth TV Show – Review of Ford Electric Transit Van

Hi I’m Bernie from the Car Truth Show, today we’re featuring a Ford Transit Connect all electric vehicle and actually at our shop it’s the first all electric vehicle we’ve serviced.
The future is here. 2012 Transit Connect electric, so let’s have a look at a few interesting features. First of all it does not have a regular hood release cable like most cars, you actually need the key, and there we have the under hood view. So there’s the electric motor basically. All the drive is taking place in this unit here. It’s got a lot of conventional features like you find in other vehicles, gasoline powered for instance, it has a cooling system, it has other fluids, it has brake fluid, window washer fluid, it’s got a regular conventional battery which actually works the accessories and starts the vehicle, and this battery was in fact weak. we replaced it and that was the reason the car was brought into our shop. So as I mentioned, there’s fluids for a variety of things, there’s also air conditioning system, so there’s a lot of things like a conventional vehicle, it’s just operated in a different manner and there’s no oil to change or to check which is one nice advantage to an electric vehicle, one less service to take care of. So let’s go have a look at another unique feature. There’s actually a fuel door on this vehicle, but inside the fuel door of course, being an electric vehicle it just has a place to plug the charging port, charging cord. Alright, let’s go take this vehicle for a spin. So the first interesting feature of the vehicle is the dash. You’ll notice it’s different than a conventional dash. It’s got the speedometer on the right but it’s got a range gauge on the left, it’s still got a temperature gauge to deal with the cooling system and it’s also got a battery powered sort of a fuel gauge. So we start the car and it does actually have a start mode and we can see it jumps into start and then it displays how much range we have. So we’re running pretty low on range in this vehicle but we certainly have enough to go for a nice drive. Off we go. And again the nice thing about electric cars is it’s really completely silent. You just hear the noise of the wheels and the tires. Electric motors are very torquey, they accelerate really well, so I’m just going about 40 kilometres an hour right now, so I’m just going to give it a boot and see it really takes off really nicely. I mean, the power is like right there, it’s pretty neat. So we could drive around for a while but I was going to say we could drive around all day, but actually we can’t because it only has a range of about 12 kilometres, we have to head back and charge it up, which is one disadvantage of an electric vehicle. The range is very limited. This one has about 100 kilometres on a good day and of course, how you drive it. If you drive really gently you’ll get a lot more distance. So there you have it, a little wave of the future and thanks for watching.


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