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HOW TO convert a cool e-bike into a cargo bike!

The unique feature of the UNIMOKE is the flexible rear mounting system, allowing to install a variety of cargo options, seat options and accessories!

Showcasing Riese & Muller, best e-bike for urban living? Try at Electric Bikes Brisbane...

We get a lot of folk who use their ebikes to ride more, get to work faster, carry their groceries or children home. Have...

UNIMOKE CaptainCargo cool urban cargo e-bike parking vertically

Just a short demo how you can flip up the CC UNIMOKE urban cargo e-bike on its tail for less parking space... This is...

Electrified Heavy Duty bike trailer

A brief description of the process of electrifying my DIY Heavy Duty cargo trailer for bikes. I use the trailer behind my velocar Fantoms Nephew...

UNIMOKE cool fat wheel cargo e-bike test: Beach Cruiser Surfboard rack

Again an older video from our test ride phase with UNIMOKE urban e-bikes. Chris wanted to see how a surfboard rack would perform on...

UNIMOKE fat wheel urban e-bike with a cargo trailer train by hinterher.com

This is a very unusual application of one of our earlier production fat wheel urban e-bikes. Hinterher.com used it to demonstrate the bike on...

The Yuba Spicy Curry w/Bosch Performance Line CX at Electric Avenue, Austin, Texas

The Yuba Spicy Curry! A Gold Winner of the 2015 Eurobike show. This bike is the commuter do it all for your cargo,...

Carla Cargo Power Trailer 2017 – transform your bike into a cargo bike solution

Now with geared front engine for higher performance on lower speeds. New designed overrun brake with incredible great performing brake boosting technology and fully...

Testing the front cargo rack of UNIMOKE cool electric cargo bike

Our new cargo rack of our UNIMOKE CaptainCargo is designed for 10 kg, but we wanted to see what it COULD take... The UNIMOKE e-bike...

Lumos Helmet Video Review – $199 Smart LED Bicycle Helmet with Turn Signals

The Lumos Kickstart Helmet is a smart bicycle helmet with white, red, and yellow integrated LED lights that will stay solid, flash slowly,...
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