A nice quiet commute on the Halfords Carrera Crossfuse-E bike.
Some commentary, but it’s a little quiet.
There is a hill that we climb using ‘maximum effort’ in 9th gear. 27:50 if you want to jump ahead.

Really good bike, cant recommend it enough.

Thanks for watching and hope this inspires others to get an E-bike.


  1. Nice ride , that bike seems to fairly nip along , that E Vulcan I bought last week cut out 3 times on it's second ride , today cross country no cut outs and that was over rough ground , weird ! need to get a mic wired up m8 🙂 where have you mounted the Gopro ?

  2. Hi , due to my new Vulcan cutting out contacted Halfords , they said they had not had any others with the cutting out and I was the first lol , anyways , they phoned me back and offered a new exchange , refund or upgrade to another model with me paying the extra , you seem to be happy with your Crossfuse so I will go for that option , not read any bad reviews on the Crossfuse I should have researched the rear hub motor versions before I bought mine , live and learn 🙂

  3. Hi Drew. I've read the comment about Halfords not having any bikes back with cut-outs. Good god!!! Which planet was this?? Looking at the Crossfuse, it looks like they've made the whole thing simpler. There's no motor in the back wheel with a separate wire and connection. And the smaller speedo is combined with a multi switch for easy thumb adjustment. Less cables and fiddly connections. Remove the back wheel with drama. You don't need any wire cutters to cut the wire ties. Maybe this is why they don't cut-out.

  4. Yes, remove the rear wheel 'without' drama was what I meant. Carried on watching the video. Wow, you are right, this bike does seem to fly along. I don't think I could keep up on my lower geared heavy Vulcan. The Crossfire has higher gearing than a Vulcan, but has the Crossfuse even higher gears? Like the commentary!


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