Chain, belt, drive shaft. Each setup has it’s own pros and cons, but which system is best? In this video from the MC Garage we’ll discuss the three forms of final drive so you can decide for yourself.


  1. The good thing about a chain is always carry a spare 1.when you get into a bar fight use it for a weapon.old school baby old school.

  2. they are pushing to used chains and sprocket…they can have money every ten thousands kilometer… when it normally wear.. and because it is easy to replace life goes on quickly..

  3. It would be cool if you did a video of talk about electrical systems (stators, regulator/rectifier, batery,etc). its one of the topics you are missing.

    Ride on!!

  4. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Really great information & accurate education. Thank you!
    I'm a frustrated Motorcross Bike, GT Sprot Bike & Chopper lover! Oh and those new-age fat oversized scooters and the two wheels at the front scooters (e.g. Yamaha Tricity 3wheeler, Peugeot Hymotion3 Hybrid, Yamaha Niken)
    Not a two wheeler rider. I'm a 4wheeler. but I love sport bikes and choppers (minus the mokey bars just not my cup of tea) I'm not worried of crashing BUT what I'm worried about is some idiot on the steeringwheel of a wheel or 6 wheel going too fast losing control or is intoxicated or high or simply just doesn't care & wants to crash on some motorcycle rider.

  5. Dear motorcycle magazine, if you see this comment please do a clip on how bigger or smaller sprockets and pulleys can effect your speed and launch

  6. I so hate to maintaince drive chain so I choose my bike because of shaft and ready to swap it only with shaft or belt equipped bikes

  7. My royal Enfield classic 350 is having chain drive and it is costing more on changing the sprocket every 8000km.
    It is also used daily and more gearshifts.
    Should I go for belt drive.
    Is it more efficient please help

  8. If you are racing chain, but if you wanna ride til the tires fall off shaft, I mean if a chain or belt was better wouldnt your cars and trucks use them, Lol.

  9. I refuse to buy a big bike with a chain… It's hassle enough to clean and maintain the damn chain on my CBR250R…

  10. Hi, what are your thoughts on the BMW RnineT Scrambler and its shaft drive? Are those BMW shaft drives on the RnineT range reliable and how often do they require servicing and have you in your experience or heard from others issues with reliability on BMW RnineT range boxer engine and shaft drive? Thanks.

  11. I have had 19 bikes with chains, two with belts, and two with shafts. Today's chain are much better in terms of wear and maintenance than they were 30 years ago. Belts are okay if you don't mind picking rocks from the sprockets before they damage the belt. It is true shafts don't require as much maintenance as chains but it costs a lot more when they do. I like the ability to chain the gearing and the lightness of chains so unless I am buying a heavy touring bike I am sticking with chains.


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