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  1. Just buy American made. I just got a set of Reynolds rims with Industry Nine hubs. Both American companies and you won't have to ride and wonder in the back of your mind if your wheels are going to explode underneath of you while going 30mph. Pay more for American made but the quality is better than Chinese its not even close.

  2. The truth is not everyone is in the position to buy expensive top of the line brands. If money was no issue I'd probably go with Enve. For me its I either get a set of chinese carbon 50mm wheels, or just stick with my ultegra 6800's(great dependible bombproof wheels but not particularly light and not aero). I've done the training, I'm at race weight, so now don't want to be expending any more watts in the bunch or break as the guy next to me.
    I've been looking around for cheap aero wheels for a few months. I just can't justify spending more on a set of wheels than what my whole bike cost. I also have been quite impressed at a lot of the reviews of Yoeleo wheels so decided to go with them in the end 🙂

  3. I'm sticking with aluminum hoops and carbon fairings or all aluminum for just a bit longer. Making more sense now that disc brakes are involved but I don't own a disc bike yet

  4. I have used my $700 carbon wheels RHC component from Malaysia (I think it is a chinese open molds rim) for 8k mileage now and so far it is still superb. then again i only used it for flat ride crits/TT so I wouldn't say if it is safe to be used in mountain descent

  5. How are the new wheels going ? and did you end up hearing back from Mavic after slamming they’re bad customer service and crappy wheel in your story when you got your new ones

  6. The wheel is your contact with tire that keeps you upright, don’t be cheap buy shimano , it isn’t worth the pain when a cheap wheel fails

  7. Good companies on there. I'd say some of these companies now have a good reputation and their prices slowly creep up, but still cheaper than big western brands. Also, never underestimate the build of a wheelset. The built is probably the most important part of a wheelset. Doesn't matter how stiff your spokes or rims are if they've been built with uneven tension or over / under-tensioned. Just because it looks true/straight doesn't mean it's been built well. Fortunately most Chinese factories excel at having cheap skilled labour that builds the wheel well.

  8. How many kms do you have on your Yoeleos now? I've seen loads of good reviews of them, but lately I have seen one or two complaints about delamination after about 5.000km. Are yours holding up well?

  9. Great video, seen some other great reviews on the Yoeleo wheels, the Yoeleo link in the drop down doesn’t go anywhere, I have tried google and that doesn’t seem to work either, have they changed web addresses

  10. I wouldn't say these are superior products compared to more mainstream manufacturers. I don't like the high prices like the next man, but would you wear a replica helmet from china? I wouldn't! And that is how I feel about these wheels coming out of China.

  11. As a Chinese, I'm Sonic,Vortex,farsports are the most popular domestically,but they're a bit hard to buy from abroad. These wheels you show are not the best one

  12. Fake dt-Swiss hub! Just glad u guys didn’t die yet! If I were the devil I advised peoples to buy only Chinese carbon wheels cause I need more souls.

  13. So many folks falling for the marketing jargon of the big companies and still believing that riding Chinese carbon is riskier than the name brands.

    I used to own a pair of Carbonzone (50mm front, 60mm rear, 23mm wide 20/24 spoke) wheels. I now have 2018 Zipp 404 FC. Braking on the Chinese wheels is superior to Zipp wheels using Zipp pads or Black Prince. In the wet, there is absolutely no comparison. Zipps are downright dangerous, whereas the Chinese wheels still provide decent braking force. The Chinese wheels were bomb proof. I beat the hell out of them on pot hole laden streets through even through the winter. The Zipps are holding up fine too so its a draw there. The Carbonzone wheels cost me $550USD, and a pair of brand new 404 Firecrest were about $1650USD after some patient deal hunting. I can't speak for aero gains or having less spokes on the front wheel, but the only thing I got for my extra $1100 was the snob appeal, crap wet weather braking, and ~100 extra grams. If I were in the market right now, I'd buy $1,000 pair of Far Sports with fancy hubs over $2000 Zipps or $3000 Enves.

    Don't even get me started on carbon frames. High end brands charging $4500-10k for a trendy aero frame set that'll look outdated in a few years is idiotic. They are not noticeably better riding, stiffer, more aero than the cheaper frames. It is just snob appeal. Jewelry. Giant, Canyon, Kestrel, Felt frames all perform wonderfully for a fraction of the cost.

  14. You morons are keeping these scumbag design, patent and process thieves in business! They are crap and so are those who use them and keep them in business!


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