Daily Lama EP60. I take the cheapest smart trainer for a spin on the largest Zwift bunch ride – the HDR. The Elite QUBO Digital Smart B+ unit holds up really well for automatic resistance changes. I’m growing fond of it – It’s the little smart trainer that could!

*UPDATE* Bluetooth fixed tonight. The trainer now has Bluetooth. I may have flashed the wrong firmware when I first plugged it in…. either way… all sorted now. Firmware should be 136. You can check this using the app “LightBlue” on IOS… or even the Wahoo Fitness app will scan/see/report details on it. Remember to connect Bluetooth first after powering up the QUBO.

Trainer: Elite QUBO Digital Smart B+

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Elite QUBO Digital Smart B+ Review:

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  1. Hello Shane. Hope you can see this comment. Im a little bit confused, this Elite Qubo Smart B+ is the same model that Elite Qubo Wireless trainer?? Also, this type of "electronic" trainer have another option to modulate the resistance or they just work automatically once they connect to the X software you are going to use? I mean, if I buy one of this trainer I have to connect to be able to have a hill workout? Thank you very much!!!  [email protected]gmail.com also another way to contact me. Thx!

  2. Hi, perhaps a dumb question but do you need a power source for this trainer? Your review has prompted me to buy but I haven't got a power source where it will be used and I can't find any reference to it anywhere

  3. Great video thank you for taking the time to enlighten those of us who are interested in taking the step into swift but don' know all the best options. If I got this set up, would I also need a powermeter to be in contention with others who have the better/more expensive set ups? Wouldn't want to get something like this and sacrifice the ability to really compete if it wouldn't allow for it to be used properly. I say that because I was told that using a basic roller or trainer without a powermeter results only minimal output and means you would never win or be able to keep up with others ride with a detailed/proper set up. So, would purchasing a trainer like this be all that was needed to set up and ride? Sorry, still trying to learn about the zwift world

  4. Hi Shane – I purchased the Elite Qubo noodle soup B+ based on this video…thanks for the nice review. I have confirmed that my unit has firmware 135 on it and emailed Elite support asking for the update. Their response is that Firmware 135 is the most current update…any thoughts on this?

  5. If anyone with a power meter has done the calibration test for 100kg (rider + bike), I would very much appreciate the P1, P2, P3 values.

  6. Hello, since the update on bluetooth, would this trainer work without ANT+ dongle on my Windows 10 laptop for zwifting? Do I need extra speed/cadence sensors or power meter for zwift to work?

  7. Hi Shane, I’m sure you get these questions all the time. But considering I have just ordered powertap P1 pedals with a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, is it worth saving extra money for me to get a direct drive trainer like the Elite Direto, or is a Qubo Digital Smart B+ enough to start Zwift in good conditions ?

  8. Ive just had a baby (well wife, not me). Its 10/17 and I'm now looking at these reviews which are right up my alley and i like very much. Any updates on this trainer or good/bad experiences for anyone?

    Im looking at a new for 479 which is the cheapest i can find new in oz. Still worthwhile and value for money?

  9. I’ve loved having this trainer for the past 10 months. Recently I’ve had issues where the trainer locks into transmitting a set power no matter the input. My first thought was to attempt a firmware update since I haven’t done that yet and your recent Garmin video reminded me I should do that. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that with this unit. Wondering if you have done it on yours and if so how you may have done this. I will likely raise a ticket with Elite this week as well it’s happening intermittently and resolves itself after the unit shuts off. Thanks. I love your videos appreciate all the work you put into them.

  10. Hi Shane, I bought this trainer based on your recommendation a few months ago and have been loving it so far!
    However, I always seem to have a creaking noise on the Seat-stay or rear area (Too tight or too loose?). Now I'm worried about sprinting or actually getting off the saddle to push watts. Am I really going to snap my carbon bike? Or are they much tougher than I think on any trainer. Being able to swing the bike side to side on the road vs fixed rear wheel on the trainer with my body and momentum still rocking a locked-in bike has me worried.

    I'm one of those who only have one bike for everything . Otherwise I am considering buying a cheaper Single speed bike and utilize the ERG mode for sprint sessions. Thoughts??

  11. Hi Shane
    I've watched both your reviews on Elite Qubo and the Rampa but still unsure which to get.
    If I can get both around the same price which works out better for swift in your opinion?

  12. Hello, I don't know if you have done this before but I am wondering if Misuro B+ is good? Have you tried My E Training App from Elite? is Garmin Cadence and Speed sensor compatibility with zwift or elite training app?

  13. Help! I just ordered this trainer and downloaded zwift to my iPhone…. when I use the power setting I go way to slow. When I use the speed sensor can’t find the right trainer to select from and I go way too fast! I’ve been going crazy trying to make this work…. any suggestions would really help me out!

  14. Just picked one up tonight for £180 from Gumtree, used twice apparently. I have to wait for "santa" to officially give it me though….. 🙁

  15. Shane what size resistance roller unit came with yours 30mm or 45mm – having issues with speed on Zwift as can be going hell for leather on bike but only showing as 15mph on Zwift….. cheers


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