What Mountain Bike’s 2016 test of the best mountain bikes has found a winner. We’ll be bringing you video reviews of the top 12 bikes over the next few weeks, including last year’s winner, the exhaustively titled Commencal Meta AM V4 Race 650b RockShox Red.
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  1. You guys should have an enduro category if these type of bikes are showing up in trail….The fuel and camber i don't believe should be in a 160mm category…

  2. We would really like to hear also about the bikes below the top one's. As consumer it would be nice to know about possible problems with all most common trail bikes.

  3. hi @bikeradar Think you that the meta am v4 can do sometimes 50-60 km of ride ? or I must find a other trail bike ?

  4. How would you guys compare this to the 3rd place Devinci Troy? Of course this has more aggressive geometry but does it feel any less nimble? What about climbing?

  5. @Bikeradar you mention a change in the rear shock from 2015 that stops it blowing through travel. What exactly was the change? I assume shock tune/volume spacers?

  6. This video and many other reviews influenced my decision to go with this Commencal vs. Sant Cruz and Intense. Much more affordable (aluminum) but comparable components and amazing geometry. Two months later (and a bunch new STRAVA PR's)… I'm obsessed with it.


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