The CycleOps family of indoor cycles and trainers will keep you in tip-top shape when a hectic schedule or adverse weather conspire to keep you off the bike.

Products Reviewed:
SuperMagneto Pro Trainer:
JetFluid Pro Trainer:
Fluid 2 Trainer:
Mag Trainer:
Wind Trainer:


  1. @mieshie i have the super magneto pro and love it! doing things from easy rides to lung burning intervals to "trainer hills" it performs great! i highly recommend it

  2. I totally agree with mieshie: great review! He doesn't waste any time rambling about all sorts of non-sense like other people do, he gets to the point, gives a lot of information and all of it is useful. People ought to learn something from him.

  3. You definitely don't need one, but tire-on-drum type trainers tend to wear down traditional tires very quickly, so if you're going to spend a good amount of time inside this winter, a trainer tire is a great idea. Just don't ride it outside…

  4. The top of the line model needs to be plugged in? It should be able to generate its own power- or I mean the cyclist should be able to.

  5. The 'Pro' series of trainers from CycleOps (SuperMagneto Pro, JetFluid Pro, etc) are capable of taking a multitude of wheel sizes, from 650c, all the way up to 29". Hope that helps your purchase decision!
    – Zach

  6. Hi Zach,,,today was my first time on trainer (CycleOps Mag) the roller / revolver isnt very tight on the wheel, it looks normal to me!and i noticed that its killing my tire and the room smells of rubber is that normal ???

  7. I know this is a 2 1/2 year old video, but:

    1) Rudy S is right. This is an ad, not a review.

    2) You used the word "mechanicals". *face palm*

  8. you wanna use slicks , or will be very noisy i. But ive used a mountain bike and road bike on the fliud2 and its awesome. tyres wear faster on the trainer though.


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