i saw this the other day at costco and thought it was pretty neat! it was about 30lbs so i am guessing its made of aluminum. i like that it has front and rear disc brakes and 7 gears, and is better than my steel $200 single speed walmart special….


  1. i got this bike the other week. it's fun to ride and seems petty well built. i use it for riding around they neighborhood and it does that well enough. while it is 100 more than the Wal-Mart mongoose dolemite, it's about 30lbs lighter and has better parts.

  2. I just got this bike and I wasnt fully saticfied with it. First I replaced the stock grips with ODI grips, Then cut the seat post down 3 inches shorter and put plastic pc pedals on. Now I ride it more than ever. Great bike btw.

  3. I just got this bike and assembled it. Everything seems good, except that my handlebars don't seem to be tight on the center stem and keep slipping so they don't align with the front wheel. I tried tightening the center stem bolt as tight as possible but still easily misaligns when the front tire is moved under pressure. Hopefully I am describing this clearly. Anyone else experience this, or did I get a lemon?

  4. Aluminium frame? not bad for 300 bucks, i was checking out the welds on the bike from what i saw not bad at all, i can't say the same for my Walgoose which has bubbly welds and a heavy steel frame SmH…

  5. This looks like 3" width tires,which would technically be in the hybrid mtn bike category. A true fat-bike has 4" width tires.

  6. Just tracked one down, last one in northern California. Clearance priced at 199, absolutely amazing bike for the price. Light, nimble enough, just about dialed in right out of the box, even with air in the tires. Couldn't be happier with this monstrosity. If you can still find one, buy it. Just my .02


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