Http:// How to adjust the drivetrain on your bike with step-by-step instruction from YouTube’s award-winning guru of DIY bicycle repair. Free shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycling accessories. Last video in the three-part mini BMX series on how to assemble a bike you purchased online. Watch the entire how-to playlist here In this DIY tutorial, BikemanforU begins his repair by analyzing the problem. The crank issues are related to an off centered chain, requiring chainline or chain sight adjustment, necessating removal of the rear wheel to better line up the axle, as well as removal of the crank and bottom bracket inspection. This video also covers pinch bolts, and re-tightening of compression bolts, carefully tightening up each side of the crank until both sides are even and the wheel axle is balanced. While he tended to overtighten in an effort to install the parts correctly, the bike owner gets kudos for knowing how to install left and right side pedals fairly correctly, and also for realizing when he’s over his head and needs to consult a professional. The featured bike is a beautifully glorious white and orange Sunday Aaron Ross EX Pro BMX that was purchased online, arrived in a box at the new owner’s home. The manufacturer, Sunday Bike, has attempted to make assembly easy by requiring basically an allen key and a wrench for the job, and, quite understandly, the new owner was quick to put it together. But when the job turned out less than, he brought the bike into our shop in Westhampton Beach, NY. See how a pro dials in a bike while learning to fix and maintain your bicycle with the BikemanforU channel. Subscribing’s free for new videos every week. Please rate, comment, or subscribe. Free Shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. Please rate, comment or subscribe. BikemanforU is on google + @bikemanforu Like and


  1. New school bikes are so much easier to work on. Everything used to thread on and big and heavy. I miss those day's Dan's Comp any frame with forks 199$ Painted cost more if not it was chrome.

  2. These vids are great, recently got back into BMX again after 16 years, these vids are a life saver, keep up the great work

  3. Glad I found you on here, learning a lot since I started watching….Thank you for all you do….I definitely appreciate the vids!!!

  4. is that a bike shop or just a repair he kind of seemed like the local bike repair guy for all the kids in the neighborhood you do fantastic job I give you that I just find it a little odd that you have all this work and that you do it in your garage and that's awesome because you're not paying any type of rent for a storefront or anything like that that's all I wanted to know is if you're on this side of the garage and how profitable is it if you don't mind me asking

  5. idk if you'll respond but my chain is just not aligning with my rear driver, I got the sprocket as close to the frame as possible and it still seems like it's too far out for the rear wheel

  6. I'm a bit confused about my chain right now the difference between the tight and loose spot on my chain is like night and day, I cannot figure why this is. also my crank arm is coming loose

  7. is this how bike shops work. they charge you to fix your bike and put a gay ass washer in the crank and then once it breaks the dude will come back with a broken crank set and they pay you 100$ for a new crank and 10$ for that gay washer

  8. I got a new bike yesterday but the pedals aren't moving and the thing that keeps the chain in the way is preventing it from moving consistently. I know nothing about bikes however i would like some advice as what to do

  9. Ik this is old but when I pedal it slips I'm 17 is there a easy way to fix it especially if u don't anytime about bikes

  10. If you loosen the bolts that wrap around the axle first then address the bolts on the ends it is not only easier to deal with but it is the correct order. Lossening the end bolts before the others would be the equivalent of loosening the top cap of the steerer tube before you loosen the stem. Also if one of the bolts is crazy tight on one side your best bet is to try the other side before stripping out a head…also after loosening the bolts that wrap around the axle.

  11. You live & you learn. Cars are a bit more complicated but at least the owner tried & took it to a pro to dial it in. Practice makes perfect.

  12. I'm ordering mad random parts to make an old school dirt racing bike and I wish I knew someone like bike man I could take it to to put it all together.


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