The CrossCurrent S is a bike packed with so many features in the electronics we wanted to go through them point by point in this video.

We realized that we missed one or two so we’ll be following up with an additional clip on the LCD electronics in the coming week. We’ll also have additional topics on S to follow, so keep an eye out.

Some of the features will be familiar to the general e-bike consumer and some will be new – and we’re excited to share what this bike can do.

In this video we cover a range of detail from the basics to more advanced bike features, including:

– Assist Levels
– Throttle
– Throttle Assist Boost
– Basic Bike Metrics
– Cruise Control
– Bike Control Settings
– Speed Limiter
– Torque Sensor Settings
– Low Voltage Settings


  1. When can people with preorders in the 2,000s expect their bikes to start shipping? Eagerly awaiting this fantastic vehicle!!

  2. Good you removed the 28mph. I the state i live, ebikes are as human power bicycle, above 28mph seen as a electric powered scooter/motorcycle and give you unlimited power if you operate with a motorcycle license.

  3. hey bro you ever going to get a mid drive motor, like yamaha or bosch? maybe you can team up with Luna Cycles or reverse engineer a mid drive motor and make your own! That would be sweet! Hub motors are ok but mid drives are better IMHO and based on all the research I've done.

  4. Am I understanding that the user can adjust the speed limit up to 28mph regardless of the state in which the bike is shipped to?

  5. Is it just me or does the E.B.R guy nitpick's at all the bike's under two Gran?it seems like he frown on cheaper bikes

  6. I love Juiced Bikes BECAUSE Tora's bikes are all performance built and well priced. I'm basically sold on Tora, even tho I have some small quams with some of the fitments that seem cheap, but I guess I can upgrade them later on.


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