The CUBE Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 500 is the more affordable CUBE cross country style electric bike that would double as a fun urban commuter with the addition of a rear rack, available with 27.5” or 29” wheel size depending on frame size. Remote lockout on the RockShox air fork allows for seamless transitions between bumpy and smooth terrain, trails and paved sections, great color matching. The Bosch CX motor offers impressive torque and some of the most responsive and smart pedal assist on the market today, it includes shift detection. Smooth hydraulic disc brakes, upgraded Powerpack 500 battery pack, 11 speed Shimano Deore XT with Shadow Plus, non-removable display, only one color option.


  1. It has finally happened, Chase has neglected to waste 30 seconds on "throwaway" pedals! He also didn't mention the lack of a kickstand….what an odd review!

  2. Great reviews as always, but these bikes cost as much as used motorcycle. I hope to one day see a quality e-bike for $1500 or less .wishful thinking lol

  3. 50% of car trips are 5 miles or less. With the emergence of E bikes and other E tech, the future looks good. Unfortunately In the state of Wisconsin, they will be charging extra for registering e vehicles, hybrids etc. My state has always been proud of continuing to live in the 1950's.

  4. Hey! This channel your awesome. I'm from Belgium and love to watch your reviews. I recently wanted to buy an electric bike to commute to work and in my research I stumbled on your channel. Nice technical explanations and very good camera angles and so forth… Really like it!

    I ended up having to choose between the Scott e-sub Tour or the Cube Hybrid Touring EXC. I went with the Cube because of the Bosch Performance (CX). For some reason the Scott e-sub Tour does not come with a Performance motor in Europe… ? For now, I really like the bike. But man, my tailbone hurts… I'm not used to biking long distances, so that may be the reason… :).

    Love your review of the Cube Mountainbikes! Would be nice to hear and see your thoughts on the Cube Hybrid Touring Exc (2017 model).

    Lots of love from Belgium!

  5. Great review just bought one after watching your review.Had the bike a week now love it!Daily work run 12 miles plus weekend trail rides inYorkshire dales.


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