First hands-on look at the new CycleOps Hammer direct-drive trainer. Hammer-time optional. Watching the video is not.

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  1. Ray what do you use to record from the lav mic? I've been using the iPhone tucked in my pocket, which seems to work fine, but the audio quality isn't quite as good as I would like.

  2. wondering if you know any of these trainers type come with SpinScan feature? that is a deal breaker for me!

  3. Any comparison numbers for power from the trainer vs an external power meter (crank or pedal based)? Does it drift over time or does it stay consistent? My original kickr was bad for drift and consistency, I'm on a powerbeam pro now and it reads high vs my vectors, however always reads the same high throughout the entire workout.

  4. Realizing it's just initial impressions but would you choose the tacx neo over the hammer or vice versa?

  5. How stable is the Hammer? The cassette/axle looks closer to the front of the Hammer and stabilizing arms than other trainers. When a bike is in place How hard do you have to push the bike seat in the foward direction to make the Hammer tip foward? Thanks keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Ray. Was just about to buy one of these so did a bit of research and have found a number of people who have had issues with inaccurate power readings, power lag and drop out when changing gradient on zwift which cyclops said they were aware of and tried to rectify with a firmware update. Do you know if these issues have been sorted yet? Thanks.


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