My rundown on everything CycleOps Magnus. Unboxing, setting it all up, and my first ride(s) on this wheel-on Smart Trainer from CycleOps. In this video I cover the unboxing, building, and a few tips and tricks for mounting your bike correctly and getting the unit working optimally. Then we look at the data using Ray’s DCR Analyzer Tool.

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  1. Shane are you going to get your hands on one of those Karoos from hammerhead I keep seeing in my Facebook feed?

  2. For a first smart trainer, would you recommend the CycleOps Magnus, Elite Rampa or a completely different trainer?

  3. Hey Shane, I recently bought a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer on eBay for warming up at races and have been having problems. I think the person I bought it from set it up wrong because the fan is on the left and the fluid unit is on the right (when looking at the trainer from behind). I think this has led to the issue of not being able to adjust the pressure against the tire. Meaning that the adjustment knob turns, but nothing happens. Is my presumption true and do you have any tips? Thanks.

  4. I have a Magnus. Riding up hills is nothing like real life. When you get into lower speeds anything over 4% grade and the trainer feeds back so much torque that it's impossible to turn the pedals over. a 2% gradient will reduce me to pedalling squares at 50-60 rpm. Have you found this? Erg mode is ok – which is what I bought the trainer for, but sim mode is unrideable in my opinion. I'm happy with the calculated power output and it tracks well with my power meter. Very high pitch squeal from the roller on some tires (Schwalbe) but not on others (Specialized).

  5. Shane – what is your view on what drives the accuracy differences of devices at lower prices? Is it a true build or materials factor, or is it a 'deliberate' software design?

  6. The Fluid 2 has some weak fixing points to the bike, i had to put a nail to stop it from opening and letting my bike drop after finally figuring out how it worked…to late, cause the manual said nothing about it. I hope they fixed that on the new models.

  7. Nice review! I managed to pick up a Magnus for about 450 a few months ago, and I'm pretty happy with it. The flywheel is on the light side, but I found that using high gears in erg mode (to get higher RPMs from the flywheel) makes it pretty smooth.

  8. I bought a Magnus last year. Our clutch knob wasn't right so we did overtighten any time we went to the click. My wife was completely unable to do the spindown test. And despite it only wanting "19-22mph" I required about 450w to do a spindown. And even after spinning it down, it did not help. We checked around for a few days and eventually gave up, returned the trainer, and bought her a Kickr Snap to go with my Kickr Snap.

    Not saying the Magnus is bad. But that I've heard of a few people have issues with the clutch knobs and apparently if you contact customer support they will get a new one sent to you. We found that out after the fact.

  9. Tan pants and shadows. I glanced up at the screen at 5:38 and I thought you had an accident! Nice trainer review. We are looking at one for this winter (Northern Hemisphere).

  10. Great review, i have one, just got it a month or so, i found out that after 20 minutes riding the slope simulation changes drastically, seems like the unit gets over heated and loose some tension… or maybe is just me. Think the next step is the hammer
    Great work, thanks!

  11. Announced a freaking year ago.
    If a tech releases takes a year from presentation to end consumer they would be out of business.

  12. Hello, Shane! I've been looking at many of your videos recently, and I'd like to (first of all) congratulate you for the excellent job you're doing with your channel. I've found your reviews to be very well-made, your presenting super eloquent, and the content extremely helpful.

    I'm interested in buying a trainer, and this one is among the finalists that I'm considering. Locally I only have access to the CycleOps Magnus (fair price), a Blackburn Tech Mag 5 (fair price), a Tacx Blue Twist (a bit over priced), and a Tacx Flux (heavily over-priced at almost 2x). I'm in Honduras, so anything else would mean buying from the US and shipping to Honduras, with no one to back any warranty.

    The CycleOps Magnus looks great, and I think it would satisfy and exceed my needs. I'm a bit worried by the lack of inertia you mention, and how quickly I can see that the flywheel stops the rotation. Is that quite noticeable when reducing power output for shifting? I try not to shift under load, so this sounds like something that will bring greater abuse to the drivetrain.

    I'll try to test ride it soon, but I haven't tried any of them yet.

    Thank you for any comments and additional insights you may share.

  13. Shane good afternoon, I have a store here in Brazil and I always watch your videos here on Youtube. I was impressed with the elite Ramp when you took the Sprint test but in my case unfortunately I had problems with the magnetic drive. Today I am migrating to the cycleops magnus and I ask you. For training and improvement I imagine you will respond accurately. Would you like your ATT Feedback

    John Max
    Maxx Bike SP

  14. Hey Shane,

    Have you heard about any issues with the L bolt and the clutch nob? I have a Magnus and when tightentin the clutch nob all the way it seems to pull one side of the resistance unit up more than the other so that the roller isn't at a 90 degree angle to the wheel. I'm wondering if it's even worth contacting them but it definitely is wearing out one side of my tire more than the other.

  15. Why do you only quote flywheel mass? Diameter matters much more for inertia.

    Best to just quote the moment of inertia = mass * radius^2 for a perfect hoop or half that for a solid disk flywheel. Units are kg.m^2.

  16. In-game calibration doesn't work. You still have to use the Rouvy app from Cycleops to calibrate the trainer. Odd seeing as Zwift partnered with Cycleops and has Cycleops bundles available on their website.

  17. Cycleops forgot to include the ANT+ dongle with the bundle I purchased. I contacted Cycleops and Zwift immediately. Zwift sent one right away and I received it in two business days. Cycleops didn't even get the dongle in the mail for two business days and it took over a week to receive it.

  18. So would you recommend this or the wahoo snap ? Or any other smart trainer for around $600. USD ? For training and zwift and all around real life feel? Thanks love all your content .


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