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This is a Map of the Route.

This is Episode 15 of my series “A Ride Across America” or “Cycling Across America”
This trip was 38 days Coast to Coast of the USA (35-36 days excluding accident) and Solo, 2950 miles. (Ep.15 from Atlanta, Georgia to Tybee Island, Georgia or The East Coast)

– C5 – To The Stars

– Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

Huge thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey..

I do take photos too.. 😀

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  1. Glad ya made it across mate. I've never been a big fan of the eastern US. If you ever decide to tour the western side again, I'd totally ride with ya.

  2. I've watched some 4k for cancer cycling across the U.S vids which were very interesting. Yours was just as enjoyable to watch. Congrats on a successful trip!


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