Death Valley, the hottest place on earth. We cycled from Beatty to Panamint Springs though Stovepipe Wells. It was pretty hot, but so worth it.

I’ve been working with Komoot on this trip, check out the route we took today here:


The Legend of the Three Yates Brothers (By Niels Heldens):

Music by:


  1. Always reassuring to know your dads at the end of the line where ever you are, if the remake Rain Man – Has to be Lawrence, don't think he realises just how cool he is.

  2. When I watched your first America vlog, I was laughing because I knew the mood is going to tank each day you ride through this heat. But man, you guys are great bunch and how are you able to take all this footage? Awesome videos!

  3. Dude this ride gets gnarlier each day. Morale seems pretty low on this one. I live in Phoenix where it ranges 100F/37C – 120F/48C from June through September and I can’t imagine doing what you’re doing. Well done- literally and figuratively. Cheers!

  4. Truly enjoying the videos as I lived in Vegas for years AND found my wife their as well. Given the flats and tube issues, can any of you find a bike shop and go tubeless? The visuals bring back great memories of desert riding.

  5. The vlogs each day are basically you guys getting more delirious. It’s hilarious I think Lawrence is broken

  6. its like watching a show where there is a clue to the crime in each episode,,,,,,i"ve figured it out….James goes mad and kills the other 2 with a torx 25. Sleep deprivation and E numbers don't mix

  7. Love this!! I'd also love to see the sunset, and we'd like to hear about what sort of awesome sunglasses you all are wearing??

  8. Appreciating the Fallout references. Oh yeah, cool bike ride, too. Glad to see you Stooges made it through D-Valley in one (three) relatively hydrated piece(s).

  9. "The ones from bugs life" lol. James face was priceless. And the weekend at Bernie's reference was so good. Laughed pretty hard at that one.

  10. I've just checked out Laurence's new bike (Ribble CGR Ti ) on Ribble's website, and I was very disappointed to see it had been designed by someone who is totally clueless about gravel bike frame geometry.. 74.5 degree seat angle for all sizes??? The seat tube length on medium, Medium/Large, and large frame sets are at least 6 cm too long when compared with the benchmark Lynskey GR -260 The head tube length is way too tall across the whole range of sizes by about 2 cm.. Lastly the price is just far too high at €1700, when a Planet X tempest Ti frame & fork can be had for less than €1000 The geometry of the Planet X Tempest was designed by Mark Rielly ….I have a Planet X spitfire titanium road frame, and it's a fantastic…. Only cost me €750 in last years Christmas sale too….

  11. Straight out of Pahrump, you should have gone to Furnace Creek Resort. You would have gone by Badwater (lowest point), the museum, and had a resort with big pool, tennis, and golfing…………….IN 129 DEGREES!


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