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  1. No offense to the presenter, as I'm sure he's a very knowledgeable guy, but c'mon, cyclocross is the most exciting young sport in the cycling world right now and this video….well it just isn't.

  2. what is better for an asphalt commute where there's rain and mud all year round? a road bike or a cyclocross?

  3. Good information. I am just a beginner in this area and the presentation provided me with a good start on both bike, tire, and location choice.

  4. I have enjoyed recreational riding and commuting my whole life. I have owned all kinds of bicycles, road, mountain, hybrid and even cruisers. However, I never have owned a cyclocross bike. It seems they would be the ideal do everything bicycle. So for someone who commutes during the week and likes to do some light trail riding or day touring on the week ends, perhaps the cyclocross would be the ideal do everything bicycle?


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