The ultra-compact DAHON Curl folding bike – 20% off for earlybird backers:

The 35th Anniversary CURL follows the company’s original vision of green transportation. Integrated with 11 technical patents, it is not just a refinement of what has come before – it represents an almost total overhaul that completely changes the riding experience of folding bicycles. The bike features a hydroformed, Dalloy (DAHON alloy) frame with oversized rectangular tubes, as well as taking advantage of a flip-fold rear wheel (first seen on Di Blasi folding bikes). Double down-tubes, approach a front triangle. The unique V-shaped coupling between the front and rear triangles turns the bike into a hard-tail. Furthermore, an extra-large head-tube and handlepost are combined with DAHON’s inverted fork stem to provide even more strength and stiffness for steady steering and efficient pedaling. Proper respect is given to structural physics to furnish the much-needed stiffness, durability and safety, far exceeding all safety standards for regular bikes. The removable pedals are stronger and more compact than anything in the league. There is even a roller rack for easy wheeling when folded. With three speeds in an internal hub gear, the CURL offers great range whilst remaining low-maintenance. A telescopic handlebar post and seat post allows for ergonomic adjustment for riders up to 190cm and 150kg. In 15 years of R&D, much more is packed into this small package. The end result is a compact, light folding bike, with a stronger, safer, better ride, that is as easy to carry as it is to fold.


  1. "revolutionary winner?" Hah! Blatant copy of a Brompton more like it. Hilarious how some of the comments call this a new design. The whole "curl" and three-way fold is uniquely Brompton.

    So If by new, you mean first designed by Andrew Ritchie for Brompton in 1975… yeah, super new…

  2. Might as well pair with Shimano Alfine 11, or even Alfine 8, which would had given Curl some advantage over Brompton.

  3. I know why some are angry. Some are brompton supporters. Actually the rear fold was use by a few bicycle brand. There's one brand call la bici use this design. The explanation i read frm a site was it claim the patent rights for rear filp fold had expired.

  4. I don't think it took 16y of labour to 'create' this bike. Most of that time was probably spent waiting for Brompton patents to expire.

  5. As a former owner of 2 Dahons, I marveled at the various designs that Dahon has produced over the years (P8 was great). To continue to develop and try to copy a Brompton is very odd. In my town, Tern rolled in a few years back and pushed Dahon's market share off to the side. If it was $500 cheaper and the same quality as Brompton they might sell but I don't see the cult following for Dahon that is evident for Brompton. If Dahon had developed this 15 years ago, they might have stood a chance but sorry guys, the wars over and Brompton won.

  6. I don't agree with some bias comments above, I own 2 Dahon bikes and I love them very much. This model seems cool, will wait some time to see reviews and decided whether to buy or not.

  7. Well, Brompton's design patents have been expired long time ago. It is the time for competitors to make the cheaper version of Brompton. I hope It will come with common 20 inch tire

  8. Its Ok. Brompton clones will be always coming out every certain time… Some features look much better like those clamps… But the funniest thing on this video is that they have to put a Brompton on it and try to make it look like a losers bike.
    The always winner of the Brompton is that is so simple design that any other folding bike look cumbersome aside. This is not the exception. Also Brompton has easy mechanics, wide range of aftermarket products, and an infinite range of options to customize your ride… Is almost impossible to match 2 identical Bromptons rolling out the streets. But they all look Iconic.
    I think Brompton is not about technology… Is about printing your own style in a handmade bicycle. The Curl looks just like a factory line bike.

  9. Its a cheap copy… The fact that Brompton has striven to keep its bikes handmade and the stringent standards are what separates it from Asian imports.

  10. Don't know where to start on this. First of all Kickstarter in intended to support unestablished people with ideas to get funding not some cheap ass marketing gimmick for existing multinationals. Secondly pretty obvious that is is just a copycat design. Thirdly you've taken an iconic design and in attempting to recreate it in aluminium just made dog's dinner of it.

  11. Hi,
    What is the advantages of hydro-formed tubes? Also, there's a lot of black, is there a silver or chrome option? Thanks and keep innovating.

  12. It said they would ship the bike in July but they didn't. Not even August, slip the schedule to Sep now. We will see if they can make it. Very disappointed on the execution of Dahon.

  13. Nice bike. Is there one that comes with more gear than 3 speed? And can you convert this into a electric bike?

  14. I want a Bompton more than any other bike, I just don’t have the money laying around. I hate to say it, but if I can get a Dahon -brompton knockoff for less and still have good quality, I just might do it.

  15. Dahon Bikes – It is good to see you moving forward from the 1960s fold-in-the-middle-design.
    Why is the audio – especially the voice-over so bad? If you are asking for public money via Kickstarter this needs to be put right. The quoted weight of 28lbs is too high and offering 3 speeds only will not allow you to compete effectively with the Brompton – unless you intend to undercut them on price – after copying their design. You have not been charged for this advice.

  16. Normally I dont like ripoffs but in this case I dont mind because brompton those assholes are pricing their bikes like its made out of gold.So a little competition wont hurt.


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