The NuWave technology addresses the three most appendicular features of any bike, namely, the handlebar system, the seat system and the pedal/crank system. Nuwave technology is applicable across all single-track vehicles of any wheel size, including electric, to achieve a slim width of only 15cm. As a result, it is much easier to store and transport than regular folding bikes, and more importantly, without sacrificing any of the stiffness/strength so important for safety and riding efficiency, especially for an MTB or road bike.

It is not another folding bike. The frame does not unfold at all, overriding a major concern with stiffness and safety for frame hinges commonly found on folding frames. The long handlebar and seatposts for smaller wheels, are now in the form of tripods, obviating legitimate concerns in those areas as well.

The pedals are either removable or twisted 90° out of the way, in two different versions. In both versions, the resulting width-saving is up to 5cm, versus standard foldable pedals, on each side. Unlike folding pedals, these offerings are extremely strong. Furthermore, in the twist style, consumers can choose their own pedal type. A total slim width of merely 15cm is achieved.

Commercially, this technology can be used for all bicycle types. In shared bicycle programs, small wheel units, either regular or electric, which can be tightly stored in special cabinets around town. For big wheeled MTB and road bikes, the slim profile would offer a range of advantages, limited only by one’s imagination.

In answering a reporter who asked how does DAHON intend to popularize this seemingly universal technology, Dr. David Hon said, “we will offer whole bikes, frames, or even technology licenses, depending on needs. Time is running out. We believe in sharing for a greener world.”


  1. New design! 😀 🎉 though without public transport support this would be hard to use in a multi modal setting. At the minimum, the wheels which can get dirty is right smack up there, which is not pretty to look at.
    But it's good that new designs are being explored. Looking at the components on these, i cant wait to try it out myself!


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