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Suit, tie and that bicycle
Nuda appreciation
It’s not a motorbike, it’s an Aeroplane
It was the cyclist that drew my attention 😉
I guess that’s the Scooters way of revving
Appropriate number plate for a plumber
New statue in Trafalgar Square
Apparently this is a sculpture, called The Mastaba
Nice TVR man
Nice try
The dilemma of keeping the box junction clear
I guess it was something to do with Money, you shouldn’t jump the queue
Oman thoughts and Ride to Old Muscat

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  1. Wow – that beach in Oman was so quiet and stunningly gorgeous. I could almost smell the sea and feel the wind on my face. Just awesome.
    You've inspired me over the last few years, think I started watching off and on back in 2013 or 2014 or so. I got my bike license back in 2013 but keep putting the decision off. Here in New Zealand we are restricted for our bikes on our learners, so I can't get just anything; thankfully as a 6'6" guy the Versys 650 is on the LAMS approved list; so that's what I've decided to get.

    Keep doing what you're doing RJ!

  2. When you hear of Oman you think of a shit hole with derelict buildings, buildings falling apart and terrorists and war but it actually looks very nice.

  3. Hi RJ, when you travel like this how do you manage to find bikes to rent/use on site? Thank you for your awesome videos!

  4. As beautiful as Oman is it has one the worst human rights records in the world, so I can’t bring myself to visit and contribute to it’s awful government

  5. 6:04 RJ was waiting in the wrong lane, so the car entering the gas station on the right side has the right of way. Well at least in Germany it would work like that.

  6. RJ, you should ride to Estonia, It's a great place for some journeys with some beautiful nature. Don't hesitate it, do it!

  7. I'm quite behind on RoyalJordanians videos, but didn't his Nuda get stolen quite a while ago? Does anyone know what happened to it? If it got recovered or whatnot?

  8. Damn nice roads in Oman, need to google it. I've never even heard of a country named like that,before this video.

  9. Beatiful. If you don't mind me asking, does your partner ride too RJ? Or just loves go tag along ? Thx for videos. Always relaxing and inspirational


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