“Biker Chicks” Rule Daytona Bike Week & Leesburg Bikefest. This 2014 – 2015 compilation of over One Hundred Fifty (150) Lady bikers is by far the most comprehensive look at an rapidly emerging breed of motorcyclist. These lady’s range from casual bikers to experienced riders. The bikes they ride are scooters, dirt bikes, full size dressers, choppers and hyper sport bikes. They cruise through the streets of crowded motorcycles with ease and agility, fully in command of these impressive bikes. NO POSERS here. Hats off, as I look forward to cruising with this new breed.
Background music complements of YouTube “tools”


  1. Great music!!!!! William Tell Overture by Rossini. Only the dumbest fucks on earth don't like it. Right dumb fucks?

  2. Thanks for the upload…. looks like Everyone was having fun and looked like a good time

    nice ladies and nice bikes


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