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I’m a Washington born rider based in the great pacific northwest, i enjoy making videos and more importantly love riding bikes! Ive been riding since i was a kid for fun but got competitive in the last few years. I hope you enjoy watching me as a rider and content creator improve over time.

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  1. Really like your channel so far. I'm new to mountain biking, in fact I've only done it once a couple years back at Big Bear Lake in California. Of course we rented some bikes.

    Anyways now that I've started my career and have some extra revenue coming in, I've started researching more and found your channel. I want a good entry level bike and am leaning towards the Atroz. I like your comparison of the different models. $1,000-$1500 will probably be my price range. Would the jump from the base to the comp be night and day? And if I did go with the base, would I be able to do upgrades if I do decide to continue with the sport?

    Thanks again

  2. if they beefed up the Atroz Comp with those wheels and that extra bracing on the fragile rear triangle, it would be an epic bike… Might even be worth having a good welder add those to the atroz if you own one and plan on keeping it. I've had all the atroz bikes, and it's the only thing that worries me when out on the trail

  3. I want to get into riding trails and roads…. I'm a 6'2 man weighing in at 315lbs… I don't have a deep pockets so what would you suggest..?

  4. Really looking at the atroz comp. I'm wanting to take it downhill (my park that is close to me is pretty smooth and flowy) but will the atroz comp last? I took my specialized hardrock with a small amount of front fork travel and did fine on the harder trails.

  5. I'm just getting into mountain biking and was originally going to buy a mongoose XR-Pro for $350 because I've heard it's a pretty decent bike that can increase in value/ performance with the right upgrades but ended up opting to purchase a Daimondback for quality assurance & due to the fact that compared to brands like Trek & Giant they have options that are generally less expensive. In doing so I went over my budget and spent $1K on the 2017 DB Recoil Comp 29er and wanted to know what you thought about it's specs as a starter and whether or not switching for the Atroz would make much of a difference since they're exactly the same price (assuming they're similar in value minus the fact that the recoil fork isn't tapered). Would I be alright sticking with what I have and making upgrades over time?

  6. Wow man that’s a nice camera you’ve got there! Thank you for the review, I’m thinking about getting the option. It’s $1100 now for Black Friday.

  7. Hello, i got the 2016 Atroz base, i just upgrade the rear spring and coil shock for a Air shock, and the 120mm SR Suntour XCM for the Rocksox Reba , my questions is if i can upgrade the 3×8 drive trend to a 1×10-11?


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