Here are my overall thoughts, concerns, my experience, and my full road bike review of the the Diamondback Equipe. I have had this bike for 6 months and raced it hard, ran it through dirt and rocks and really got it dirty.

LOOKS – I LOVE the stance of this bike with deep wheels, but the all red is not my favorite.

COMFORT – Pretty comfy for a full on race bike, but the bars feel a bit strange.

PERFORMNACE – The Rally team won two stages in the tour of California on it, beating Peter Sagan so……yeah it performs.

PRICE – I think the full sticker price is steep, but seems like you can get it for half off pretty much everywhere.

OVERALL – The rear stay has very little room for wheels, so with that in mind… it is a pretty nice bike.


I GET NOTHING FOR THIS, I AM NOT PAID FOR THIS. But if you want to try out a diamondback, go to and use corp coed”VEGAN”

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  1. When you uploaded your mountain bike unboxing w awhile back I saw your code and thanks to the VC I now have a diamondback mission 1!

  2. I have the black and white version of this frame (bought it from The Racery for $750) It seems to be some sort of last year's overstock from/for the Rally cycling team. The only difference from the other rim brake Podium frames is the paint job. After five months, 3000 miles and two podium finishes (thank you very much) I can say this bike certainly isn't slowing me down. It's stiff, aero, handles well, and is generally the tits; except for the stupid brake bridge. I think they bowed the seat stay mold and forgot to adjust the position of it. Continental 25's won't fit so I'm running 23's on it now. S-works Turbo 24's work too. I've yet to try any Vittoria 25's but the experimentation gets expensive real quick. For now I'll keep riding slightly narrower tires.

  3. I've had this bike (etape version, same frame but with 105) for 3 years (10kmiles) and just put r8000 on it. still feels like a new bike! awesome climber and crit killer. I give it 5 out of 5 cause all of my wheels fit with 25 tires.

  4. I read Phil Gaimon's book and after a drunk online shopping session last year, became the owner of one of the old Optum team's Podium Equipe bikes. Love the bike! I have no such issues with tire clearance and run Hed Jet and Ardennes 25mm width wheelsets with 25 and 28mm tires.
    Is the tire rubbing the brake caliper?

  5. Email weazling… did it go something like "Hi I'm VG on You-tube, I'm kinda a big deal, if you give me more discount on a bike I'll give it a good rap on my channel"….

  6. Googled the Equipe and think the Red and White one paint job looks a lot better.
    I feel that Diamondback is more well known in the MTB community.

  7. Try maybe there are some adjustable spacing screws in your back wheel bracket. Had same issue on my cervelo and found it was something i could adjust

  8. When did you post this??? I miss everything ha ha ha Diamondbacks are definitely underrated it's a great bike I know a kid that races with one he is very happy with it.. you are to hard on yourself.. but you're funny you said even with the motorcycle.. you have to understand that most of the guys cycling are on some type of steroids. Regular guys that are not involved in any sports are taking steroids just to get a little stronger in the gym. In cycling there is a greater reason for people to do steroids.. cycling is a sport that hits Pride head on.. I think you just need to do some strength training off the bike it will help you tremendously

  9. hello greetings from colombia I am a subscriber of your channel I want to make a request because in latin america we love cycling a lot and I really like their work, they can translate subtitles in spanish for us to understand their interesting topics and have more subscribers in latin america thanks.

  10. Bruhs any thoughts on the Diamondback Podium frame? Can get the etape with 105 for $1200. Frame weight is less than 900grams. Seems like a good deal. It’s the 2016 model though.


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