The DJ Bikes DJ City Electric Bike is an approachable, affordable, step-thru electric bike that comes stock with a rear cargo rack, flexible plastic fenders, an integrated headlight and basic taillight. Proven Bafang 500-watt planetary geared hub motor helps get the bike reach 20 mph with cadence sensing pedal assist using a responsive 12-magnet sensor, or you can use the trigger throttle. Comfortable ride thanks to an extra-wide saddle with rubber cushions, adjustable angle stem, and spring suspension fork with 60 mm of travel and preload adjust. The company is easy to communicate with and offers a good warranty but this bike uses entry level and generic components to keep the price down, only available in one color and size, the step-thru frame suffers from a bit of flex and the battery must have the key left in when riding.


  1. Looks like you can screw on some speed sensors on the front fork.
    Or maybe its for an aftermarket front rack or another type of fender?

  2. Amazing amount of content that appears unscripted. And your ability to talk without saying "like" every other word, extremely appreciated.

  3. walk mode? more like run mode 0_o; Thanks i've noticed that you have improved a lot in your skills, it sounds all more natural and you are going into more detail as well all without being boring.

  4. Hat's off to another e-bike with a lever-actuated brake light…proving we don't need no stinkin' government intrusion to bring safety features into our market (motor-inhibitors being another example)! Great review, Brent! (No drone-footage for Step-Through bikes?…just kidding!) Thanks!

  5. Nice bike..can you show more electric recumbent trike.and if you do with gopro head ..will be nice .thanks 👏👏

  6. what is the fastest electric bike and one that can climb a steep hill easily under 2k, that you have review on your channel?

  7. Wow, plastic fenders that don't rattle! Full function head light, tail light and brake light. Very nicely done bike for the money!

  8. This type of frame was specifically developed for women, who have – at least traditionally – worn skirts or dresses. Now that everyone is trying to show their ass, this frame makes less sense.

  9. Great amount of features for the price and an excellent, detailed review. I really would like to see how these ebikes hold up over time. Almost all of mine that I have owned, do not have very good longevity and very low grade customer service other than RadPower bikes.

  10. You have great reviews on expensive bikes but why not review my bike which you might think is crap. The ancheer sport folding mountain ebike i bought brand new for $425 including shipping. I love it

  11. Could you build a bike with a front Motor that acts as a generator and charges a sep batter bank, then you switch over the the other tank, profit

  12. I Have a Chinese copy of this bike bought in the UK for £450.00. It is good, replaced some of the cheaper components i.e. branded v brakes and added straight alloy handle bars. Not quite as good as the DJ bike model, however a lot of over 50's (I am 51) are now getting this type here and as I have slightly dodgy knees it really does help.

    Thanks for a great review!


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