The Easy Motion Rebel Cross Lite PW is an efficient, well-balanced, very quiet electric cross bike with the Yamaha PW mid-drive motor and downtube battery, available in three sizes with angled top tube fore fit and stand-over comfort. Sporty but thoughtful color scheme, the fork and downtube are black which hide the motor and battery pack, cables are internally routed, the hubs, spokes, and rims are also black. Large easy-to-read display panel is removable, both wheels offer quick release, there’s a Micro-USB charging port built into the control pad near the left grip, reliable 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain. No slap guard on the right chain stay, but there is a plastic chain guide to reduce drops and keep your pants from getting dirty, large heavy battery charger, excellent hydraulic disc brakes, cheap grips and pedals but the kickstand is great.


  1. I have near me a dealer, in Sebastopol, CA I am checking them out and see what they have. Great review and intro into this company. Surely the 5 years is something else. Though I don't know if I even have 5 years left in my life, but hopefully biking will help extend that out a little more.

  2. Court-That bike in the truck does not look like a Cross. It looks more like the EM Evo 27.5 plus Pro with the Fox fork and all of the same color schemes on the down tube etc. Do I have that right?? Great bikes though…

  3. Mid drives are the jeeps of Ebikes. Hubs are the sports cars . Rear hubs are just more fun on the street. That pushing sensation is a blast on my Stromer. Loved my Bosch EMoutain bike in the mountains..not so much on the street…snapping my chains was also a drag on my Bosch.

  4. Does the Gravel bike have the PW-X motor, and I'd like more info & your take on the PW-SE motor, maybe look at the new Giant Pro eMTBs too pls

  5. Really like the solid front fork gravel bike model , I find the cheap front suspension fork models are just dead weight & purely a sales gimmick. Appreciate the review! 👍


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