The Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X PW is a lightweight electric gravel grinder with drop bars, aero wheelset, mechanical disc brakes (using Shimano ICE Tech rotors and heat sinks), and a 22-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain. Blacked-out aesthetic hides the battery and motor casing, internally routed cables stay out of the way, large backlit display panel is removable, control pad offers Micro-USB charging. Sturdy 12 mm quick release axles front and rear, alloy frame and rigid fork provide great power transfer, padded grips and larger studded tires offer vibration dampening comfort. Only available in one frame size, the Yamaha PWseries motor is efficient, lightweight, and fairly quiet but only supports up to 100 RPM pedaling, no shift detection, no bottle cage bosses.


  1. tbh Court I have a PW on my haibike and I can hit 30mph on it without much problem. The key is to increase the chainring size on the front. The motor has plenty of torque to deal with it.

  2. 7:45 My Trek Pilot 5.0 originally had flat bladed spokes and several times coming down interstate overpasses, cross winds would hit and cause frightening front wheel shimmy experiences. With traditional round spokes, I no longer have this issue.

  3. Expect E-bike prices to continue to be high or rise even further. Though most e-bikes are high profit margin products and not as subject to component prices as other things, lithium battery prices continue to rise as the metal they are made from continues to rise. Cobalt has quadrupled in the last 18 months and Nickel has gone up as well.
    As much as I like E-bikes, it is going to take years for prices to drop if they even drop at all.

  4. The price would`ve be ok if it was a Shimano Ultegra + hydraulic disk brakes. We should be honest, you get a complete Ultegra on a lot 1000-1500€ road bikes. Even my cheap 700€ road bike has a complete 105. There's absolutly nothing special with this bike, it's just expensive.

  5. Nice review. Would this bike be a good fit for someone that is 5'10"? I'm getting older and need an ebike. Not for the hills as much but rather the head wind is causing me pull over and catch my breath. Thank you.

  6. I have this bike and it's perfect for hard packed gravel. I tried it on loose big gravel driveways up hill and it just wasn't made for it, even with the width of the tires it came with. Leave that for the mountain bikes. On paved roads, the knobby tires rolls pretty well but you'll never be able to keep up with pure road bikes on zero grade surfaces. Battery assist will stop at 20mph and if you go beyond that speed, I didn't feel any drag from the cogs at all. It's fully disengaged. Got it on sale for $300 off so it was worth it.


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