For this video blog my girlfriend and I went to a local bicycle shop and bought a new full suspension bike, it’s a Specialized Rhyme 2016 model that she’s going to train with for her duathlons. We explored the different helmet options after she got fitted by Erik (the shop is called Peleton Cycles by the way) and she chose an all black Tactic II size small. By the time we finished with everything and paid it had begun raining but we REALLY wanted to go ride. We headed to Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins Colorado and rode our bikes on the Pine Ridge trail as it got darker and darker. I was riding a full suspension Specialized Stumpjumper and filming with a helmet cam. I used a Garmin 1000 to capture ride data.


  1. cool Vlog good to see you GF has joined in the fun of biking too, lovin the readout on the bottom of the video…how's that done?

  2. No way I would go back to riding a non-E-bike… I feel tired just watching you guys ride up those hills… and it is so slow… I love my NEO 29er!

  3. Great vlog dude ;0)
    Really enjoyed meeting Mony, seeing her get her new bike and going out on her first :0)
    Thanks for sharing ;0)

  4. 1st, nice display at the bottom during the ride. 2nd, youre kinda a dork around your girl, but meh, whatever hahaaa….. "good job" lol… what are you a coach?

  5. Court, these are turning out to be fun videos and I greatly enjoy them. I tend to ride alone so it looks like fun to have a partner along. Trying to talk my wife into riding with me. ? Btw, where is Monica from? She sounds like she's from a spanish speaking country but not sure which one. Anyhow, fun video. ?

  6. I'm just catching up on your videos from the past few days, and going to be watching the others shortly.

    I really like that dash board at the bottom of the screen. That's all the info you could really want until you get into the ebike again. Then does it have any info on the battery state of charge or anything? That would be cool to watch as you go on rides longer than a few miles.

    I know this was just more of a quick fun ride with a new bike and the girlfriend, who by the way is a fine as frog hair, split fours ways and sanded or in other words, you're a damn lucky dude to have a woman like that. I like the way you supported her and encouraged her as well. You're a good man in a world where few good men are left.

    I was wondering, did she get a water bottle carrier on her bike? I know that's one of your items on the check list when doing reviews. haha Keep up the great work, and looking forward to seeing more riding videos as well as reviews.

  7. Cool vid nice and muddy ride. Hey if you should come back to the sf bay area you should do a ebike meet up. Pretty sure alot of ebike rider will be happy to ride with you.

  8. I just bought aw 48v 1000w ebike kit from ebay, it was 175$ plus another $50 for standard 12v 7.2ah 4 pack SLA battery pack to stat off with, i will eventually upgrade to either additional 4 pack for serial/parallel connection of SLA or go with building my 18650 pack. I plan on doing a build / review video of my bike and thought about sending it to you.

  9. You must be making some serious bank from your channel! Lots of new bikes and equipment. The IRS is watching your videos with keen interest I'll wager!

  10. No matter how I could record night riding, it can never really accurately represent the thrill I feel knowing the next blind turn around some high brush could get me killed. I always stay in my lane, and I have to hope the other crazy person does. No video I've seen of night riding on a trail really does it justice. It's so fun.

  11. She's a dynamo, you may have your hands full. Been watching your channel for a couple years now, not quite ready for an electric bike but I enjoy your reviews. Maybe some more gear reviews as well? The Bell Super 2 was a nice one.

  12. Hello Court. Mony is beautiful.. You make a nice couple because you compliment each other. 🙂 Nice bike Mony..!
    You can call this video, "eBIKE VLOG #3, show me the Mony" 😀

  13. Mony makes this guy look weak. Damn straight she has nice legs, she works for em. I think he should shave his chest and continue driving the Prius.

  14. Love these let's ride vlogs.  Looks like a beautiful part of the world to live !  Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. You sounded so patient with her. You kept saying this means easier that means harder, dumbing down your language. That was interesting. Btw, how do you get the info at the bottom. That looked very cool. Unless it's a secret.

  16. now I don't have a regular bike but I have a recumbent bike I've had it since 2011 just got some maintenance done on it actually. Just wrote it on Timberline and Prospect


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