The Electra Loft Go! is a stylish city bike with efficient Bosch Active Line motor, integrated front and rear light, reflective tires, and three color choices (black, cream, aqua). Powerful hydraulic disc brakes with easy-pull levers, reflective tires, and a reflective decal on the battery help you ride safe, key-matched cafe lock, wide alloy fenders, and racks add utility. Stitched grips, sprung saddle, vibration-dampening steel fork, and higher volume “Fat Frank” tires provide some comfort, good weight distribution and frame strength. Only available in one frame size, but the handlebar is swept back, the saddle can be positioned very low, and the deeper step-thru design is easy to mount and straddle. electra ebike comparison and look at the townie go! commute go! and loft go! to see them side by side and verses each other and discover the differences between models.


  1. I just have to say after watching many of your reviews and perusing your website that you do just an incredible job! You create what I think are completely thorough, thoughtful, comprehensive, fair, unbiased, and well structured reviews! I cannot imagine what you could do to improve on your craft. I am a future ebike owner and got interested because my brother bought a couple of iZip electrics for he and his wife and they love them. I was fully unprepared for the vast array of manufacturers and models available in this clearly burgeoning marketplace. Wanting to stay in the sub-$2k range for each of our first bikes, I still am torn between mid and rear hub drives and wonder what features I should be most concerned with to select from. I really think having a throttle available is a must, but not so sure if I should worry about brakes being hydraulic or mechanical? At first I think comfort will be our primary focus so we can enjoy the pastime, and not lose interest, so I wonder if seating/handlebar position and suspension should be higher on our β€œlist” of things to look for. It seems like 48v/500 watt is the best way to go for some limited future proofing, as are disc brakes. Customer service seems to vary widely and I would like to see tabular data/metrics/ratings of all the most commonly available manufacturers if you have that. Anyway, sorry for the rambling comment, but I’m just so impressed with all the work you put into this and can’t thank you enough for doing what you do! Kudos!

  2. I see your sub count rising slowly but surely πŸ˜†πŸ‘. I still find it amazing how you don't have over a hundred thousand subs by now. I'd say your channel & site are the best Ebike information sources on the whole entire Internet. You do a flawless job πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

    Ugly bike though, sorry court πŸ˜•πŸ˜•.


  3. Compared to the schwinn cruiser. Wow. Not much more expensive for much much more quality and features. Nice e cruiser.

  4. Outside the battery, they look totally traditional looking bikes. Cool review. I love the colors. The bag is cool. I like the inner gear hub look. Your driving me crazy. I keep falling in love with each bike. Thanks, you are just great. β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ

  5. Last week pitched up couple of Townie Go's. The cafe lock, the key does not have to remain in the lock when it is locked or unlocked. There is a bit of a trick as to how it works to remove.

  6. Why do the Electra Go bikes have dynamos in the front wheel? It is not connected to anything on the models I have seen.

  7. Hey Court , Thanks for your reviews. Having owned an Electra Townie , I have to ask why they don't offer a high speed version ?!?!?!?!The bike itself was fantastic but I sold it due to the motor cut out (bosch- do something). Looking for my future Ebike , could you please comment more on the top speed motor cut out ?Thanks for the videos


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