The Electric Bike Company Model S is one of the most powerful cruiser style electric bikes on the market today, available in three classy colors, two frame styles (high-step and step-thru), but only one frame size with an adjustable stem. Single-speed drivetrain is simple, quiet, and durable, but makes starting from standstill difficult without using the trigger throttle, mounting point for adding a derailleur if you want gears. Bright integrated lights help you see at night and keep you visible in traffic, two battery size options help you go further, extra safety fuses and temperature monitoring for the battery with five year warranty! Unique integrated charger with retractable cord for quick top-offs at the cafe, optional 5-amp fast charger, matching silver hardware and leather touch points look great, puncture resistant tires and pre-slimed inner tubes, powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes, integrated USB charging port on display and lots of unique accessories to add to the bike.


  1. 5 years warranty. What a cool offer. A very nice cruiser for the ladies. As always a great review. Thanks Court. Your channel is AWESOME. 🙂

  2. I like it & a nice set on Basil Panniers would improve the lool back there & are necessary to carry home a 6 pack of beer & bag of chips

  3. Have you ever heard of those bike motor kits like on Amazon or ebay? It would be awesome if you order one and put it together and make a video, their only 125$ on Amazon idk on eBay but I wanna order one but I'm kinda skeptical.

  4. How's the hill climbing ability compared to the Magnum Metro? Love the style but a little worried about not having gears.

  5. Hey Court. I was wondering if you'd consider making a video showing how well the bosch active and active plus climb steep hills? That's one of the biggest questions I have about these newer engines. Is the power and torque adequate? I live Vancouver, which can be quite hilly, and hope to purchase a 2018 Cube Hybrid Touring Pro 400. Thanks.

  6. [Update] The founder of Electric Bike Company reached out to me after this review was posted and asked to include a bit more information about how the company operates. He said "One of the main things that differentiate our company from other brands is that we 100% factory build custom ordered bikes in California, USA. We have our own factory with all of the parts, expertise, and knowledge to assemble, repair, troubleshoot, maintain, and replace parts. This also allows us to to do custom branding and graphics on our frames."

  7. I don't think it's "nice" that you have to manually enable pedal assist… Looks like a great bike otherwise. Comfy seat and rear integrated light, very important.

  8. I have had a Model C and S since June 2017. I just rolled over 500 miles on my C this morning. I have am a 300lb 6'6" man and the comfort and power are great. I have the 18ah battery and I can easily get 26-30 miles of range with a full charge. I live in an area where flat ground is rare, so its ability to help me up hills is essential. The disc brakes are great and work without worrying about lock-ups. The seat is very large and comfortable. I typically ride about 6.5 miles per day and I never get uncomfortable while riding.

    The basket on the front is awesome and easily handles a full, paper bag of groceries. It is nice that the basket is attached to the frame and doesn't become an opposing ballast while you are riding. The lights are very bright and easily makes you visible during the dawn or dusk periods of the day.

    I have had one issue since having it. The battery case/charger stopped working but they shipped me a new one within 24hrs. It was easy to replace and no further issues.

    I would recommend this brand and company to everyone. Looking forward to a full summer of riding.


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