The Electric Bike Outfitters 36V Burly Kit is an efficient, lightweight, electric bike kit, with silver or black color options and multiple wheel sizes and hub spacings to suite a wide range of bicycle platforms. Downtube battery pack keeps weight low and center on the frame, it can be charged on or off the bike and the plugin port is located away from the crank arms for protection. Trigger, half-twist, and full-twist throttle options offer power override at any level of assist, the display panel is easy to read and offers lots of settings for top speed and cadence sensitivity. Additional work is required to install a kit like this (especially the cadence sensor and hydraulic disc brake motor inhibitors), wires usually cannot be internally routed and that creates a messier look, delayed speed readout on the display.


  1. Excellent option if you don't have the money for a 4k$ electric bike. The DIY part is not that hard on a kit like this. I got a dillinger bafang mid drive on my old Dimond back and I love the DIY part, you can get a really personal bike. More videos like this Corry, excellent work.

  2. I HAVE hub on front which balances weight better (250watt on a steel fork a must for strengh not alloy may snap)this way a good entry level to try ebike then if use alot it be nice to save and get one of the better ones you review

  3. Friend do not forget before you say goodbye to squeeze LOS GUEBOS AL VIKINGO we are not fagots, it's just a practical joke! Oh, I like your shirt where you bought it (?)

  4. I like the freedom that kit option will give you. You always can fit the kit to your new bike, or you can electrify your old bike. The brand new bike with proprietary BB-drive is no option for me, because I can not do a lot with it. The new bike is proprietary drive fitted in, and that is all. If I have rear wheel kit, I always can switch the rear wheel with no e-drive, and I can drive it whole weekend like a regular MTB, and at Sunday evening i can switch the rear wheel again and drive it like ebike to work for whole week.
    That kit looks very pleasing, very quiet and zippy, the battery looks big enough with 11Ah that will give me a lot of commuting kilometers, if something broke just change it yourself, but you will not need to change the whole kit and you will not need anything proprietary. That is the best option for me. Thank you ElectricBikeReview for your video, please do more kits review, I like them more than proprietary ebikes

  5. and honestly 99% of a new proprietary e-bike looks like nerds e-bike, simply I don`t like them. But my old hardtail MTB has a good fork, hydraulic disk brakes, not so cheap groupset and it is very light, It deserves good rear wheel electric kit instead of new 4000 dollars -bike.

  6. Someone's getting ripped off, these kit's aren't a penny over 600 buck's in UK or elsewhere including lithium ion battery anywhere from 8-15ah .

  7. This kits is pretty much like my Sondors thin that I have. Now wondering if I can make my sondors go faster than 25mph. Feel as if I have a cheaper bike now. I do have 2,850 miles on it. So it’s been well worth it. Any thoughts Court?

  8. They could have gotten a better bike to install it on for sure. I think for most people this kind of kit would be a lot of work to install. Most would likely want something like the electron wheel. But if that doesn’t have a built in sensor and relies entirely on a wireless sensor, that would concern me. Especially when it only works with rim brakes. Hopefully it would never get into a situation where you’re fighting to stop it.

  9. these kits are pretty weak…motor ok, but the controller built into the end of the battery holder are very cheap and burn out easily…and the battery is cheap and underpowered, unless you upgrade to panasonic or other brand name batteries, which will cost you another hundred or so. the pluses- light weight, and decent display, but I wouldn’t touch the built in controller with a ten foot pole. better reliability if an external controller was used….but not as asthetically pleasing.

  10. Hi I was wondering can you do a feature on adult trikes with bench passenger seating for children I’m a mom for the first time An my son will be turning 1 soon an I would love to get into biking with my child an run errands an not need to take a bus or train or cab I live in the city New York an I’m not a big fan of the cargo bikes some are way to expensive anyway hope you give my idea a chance thanks have a great day love this channel😄

  11. I wish that some of these electric conversion kit seller's would also include a rear rack type of battery; the majority of them mainly have the down tube battery style.

  12. tbh thats kinda expensive for 36v kit with only 350watts. I only spent 1.4k(in 2017) and got 2 kits from luna cycle. two 750w BBS02s, two 48v 13.5ah shark packs.


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