The Electric Bike Outfitters Mountaineer Mid Drive Kit is an efficient, compact, and relatively lightweight, mid-drive electric bike kit that’s compatible with 68 mm to 73 mm bottom bracket sizes, works with downtube or rear-rack battery. Responsive torque sensing pedal assist as well as throttle mode (choose from half-grip, full-grip, or trigger throttle), get help starting from zero and ride however you want. Top speed is adjustable, you can turn off the display backlighting, there’s a full-sized USB port built into the display panel and it uses a remote button pad for easier access while steering. No shift detection, so it could wear your chain, sprockets, and derailleur out a bit faster if you aren’t easing off as you change gears, not as powerful or fast as the specs would suggest.


  1. I really like the torque sensing mid drive motors. It truly gives you that superhuman feel. The best of both worlds in my opinion. Thanks for this one Court.

  2. Don't get it. Cheaper to buy purpose-built ebike than waste time/money slapping these surprisingly expensive and poorly performing kits on an existing bike.

  3. Exellent review as usual. There's always a middle man, even a kit but when it goes wrong if you're not a person who can fix 3 phasecontrollers or get motor/gear box spares, then after sales is important. Or take your luck from China. …which is cheap if it works…but spares?

  4. I have a bewo mid drive kit from only 1 uk supplier but it seems ok for a 250W. I don't use the throttle control unless pedalling as it illegal maybe in uk…vague rules.
    The controller has setting for top speed limit and motor cut-out current to 30 amp but true- it need a run up and gear change to do 20 mph on the flat with a 29er. No big 500W as in US.

  5. I don't really trust any other brands than Brose, Yamaha, Bosch, or bafang. Honorable mentions: Juiced brand, leaf motors brand & so forth.

    When it comes to stealth ebike brands and brands like them, well, they're kinda in a class of their own 😉.


  6. Nice to have both torque sensor and throttle. Overall a excellent review as always, keep on the good work.
    Best regards from Sweden.

  7. You were very "kind" in this review. Would like to know how you really felt about that kit. $1600? Ummm I dont think so. How many people will buy that over a Rad?

  8. I can see this kit for someone who has a bike they've really loved, and now wants some help with the work. It's a narrow niche in a growing market. Most people will probably still choose a purpose-built e-bike. Great review of an interesting product!

  9. I honestly don't think this kit is the 350 watt model. It's performance seems more inline with the 250 watt model. Also the way you are using it, is not to the motors best advantage & I am surprised you didn't already destroy the sacrificial Blue Gear unless it has already been changed out. Check out another version & install of this motor Court & I think you will see that there is something not right in the way this unit is performing.

  10. Nice little kit…for less than 1/2 the price, perhaps. On Ali Baba the 48 volt 750 watt version of this rebranded Tongsheng sells for less than $400 and a decent battery can be had for around the same price (even less if you don't need high amp hours).
    My 1k watt (sustained) BBSHD with a 52 volt 17.5 amp hour triangle battery & bag cost about the same and came with a gear sensor, an offset narrow wide chain ring, & a beautiful color display. (Hooray for LunaCycles).
    Mid-drives may require more work to install but leave the bike easier to work on than hub motors!!!

  11. Certainly a market for it but at half the price!…..Plus sides are defo how quiet it is and how light/compact it is…Good for hauling some Granny ass but that is about it and probably the best for it..Again at half the price!

  12. I am suspecting that either the RPM sensor or the torque sensor is not calibrated/adjusted correctly. I had a bike that had a dirty rpm sensor that would only provide fraction of the overall performance.

  13. Hi court

    We are an Australian ebike company. I can tell you that we bought 50 of them from the factory in Suzhou China. 40 of them have gone faulty….within 3 months. We lost a lot of money. They break faster than Chinese tofu



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