Following in the footsteps of Michael Rubbo and his classic video ” Electric Bikes – The great Electric bike comparison” we decided to head for the hills and take on the famous 1 in 20 bike ride from The Basin to Sassafrass.
Two Earth mountain bikes, an Ordica and a sweet step through Earth bike take on this 6.8 km climb to find out if electric bikes can bust some serious hills.
I think we answered that question!
Electric biking……….I’m liking!

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  1. Lose yr equilibrium and yr gona fall off using that selfie extension and the lorry behind you will squash you, it happened to someone when I was in Thailand. The lorry went over their body and squashed their offal up out of their mouth. Also, I dont know how, but their ball sack was severed and their clackers were there on the road like 2 balls on a billiard table


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