Many people comment that riding on a trainer through the winter just isn’t the same as being out there on the road. While that may stand true, having a top notch trainer to help you keep your cycling fitness up through the off-season is critical to success. The Elite Qubo Fluid + Trainer, from Performance Bicycle is a dependable and sturdy trainer that actually realistically simulates racing experiences based on your weightr and power output. For full detailed product information and to get yours today, click the link below.

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  1. Do I have to use the quick release lever that comes with the qubo fluid? I have a quick release on my bike with a previous bicycle trainer. In addition, is it okay to bike with this same quick releaser that comes with the qubo?

  2. I'm looking at getting either this or the regular Progressive resistance Qubo trainer.
    Is the progressive resistance that great? or should I get the variable controller one shownin this video?  I can get either for the same price.

  3. I just recently purchased this trainer from Performance. So far so good. It was fairly easy to setup. The manual could be a little more deatiled in my opinion, but there's really not much to do with it. The resistance was a little odd at first. It would get really strong for 5-10 RPM then release to almost none. But after I rode it for a bit, changed gears and worked my way up and down the resistance levels, it seemed to settle down. Now it's consistent in feel. The various levels of resistance feel solid. THe jump from 2-3 is pretty noticable, not so much from 1-2, but with changing gears AND the resistance selector options I can really get a more realistic road feel. it's definitely the most realistic feel of any trainer I have used.

  4. Is this trainer still available? Do I understand right that the one with adjustable resistance is called Fluid+? I'm a little confused because this one: has the Fluid+ logo but doesn't look like it has adjustable resistance.
    Or is the trainer in the video old model? If yes, what is the newer model that should replace it? Is the replacement quiet as the old one? Do you know if the adjustable Fluild+ trainer has any issues and is better to buy some other trainer as that one (maybe used or from some other shop that has it still in stock if it's old model and performancebike dosn't have it).

  5. so far this trainer is big disappoint ment lowest gear on bike the resistance level is way to big on top of that its burning to much rubber.

  6. Has anyone tried to hook up the Misuro B+ to this trainer? Haven't got it right yet and really can't find any instructional videos anywhere..


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