I put air in the tires, yet they still remain flat. If that isn’t a philosophical puzzle, I don’t know what is.

Recorded at a bus stop in Newburgh, New York, the bestest li’l city in the U.S. of A.


  1. A couple of little historical facts for you: the wrapped seat stays you pointed out indicate that whilst badged as a Raleigh, this bike was actually built in Worksop, England by Carlton Cycles, by this time a subsidiary of Raleigh. Usually Carlton built frames were marginally better quality than the equivalent frame from Raleigh's own factory.

    Secondly, that probably is a Rampar logo, as it was one of Raleigh's early trading names in the US, standing for Raleigh of AMerica PARts. Initially it was used for after sales part supply, hence the name, before the familiarity established it as a bicycle brand in its own right.

  2. My first bike was 1972 grand prix, purchased used in 1973. It's made of 1020 steel (8.5 lbs frameset; 28 lbs bicycle.) You are in luck as this is a white bicycle frame. You can cover the decals with vaseline or modeling clay, sand down the rusty white areas, and spray the bike with glossy white paint and get something that looks almost new. Those are brampton pedals, made in birmingham, the model designation was 'Raleigh 501'. The simplex derailleur should be treated with armor-all to hopefully prevent the delrin plastic from degrading/oxidizing any further. If those are normandy hubs, then the hubs, bars, and stem are unanodized aluminum and can be polished to a mirror shine with nevr-dull or simichrome aluminum polish. Those shifters will eventually snap; mine did.


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