The eProdigy Fairweather is an ultra light weight 36 lb folding electric bike built around a custom carbon fiber frame, solid folding mechanisms and a great 2+ year long warranty. Clean, quiet, single-gear drivetrain using the Gates Carbon CDX belt vs. a chain, the chainring is extra large for comfortable pedaling and the pedals are tuff and grippy. Smooth, powerful 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes seem like overkill for such a light bike with smaller wheels but they’re very easy to use and the levers offer adjustable reach. Powerful mid-mounted motor keeps weight low and center along with the battery pack… thought it doesn’t lock to the frame and uses a screw-on cable that takes longer, display panel is not removable, this is an expensive electric bicycle.


  1. This looks like it'll be a very nice, though a bit out of my price range, folding ebike. This ends up competing with, in the same price range, the upcoming Tern folder. Not weight wise, but monetarily.

    Still, I'd want a nice 8 speed internal gear hub on it. It could definitely use a few speeds,…

  2. mid drive and single speed is a dumb idea. the biggest advantage of mid drive is use bike gears to more range and performance.

  3. D you have any info on replacing an ECU ?!!! I ordered one but the connectors look different . I am hoping it will give the bike more amps so therefore more power without having to change the battery or motor . I've had the Ebike for over a year and use it nearly everyday and everything is still working perfectly so I don't want to bugger it up .

  4. That`s a Joke Mates , you can buy a better Foldable Bike on Television / ideal – World for 599 with Dual – Suspension / Disc Brakes / removable Batterie and 8 Shift Shimano … Not Carbon Fibre so but even that is not permitting this Zionistic Price , fucking Freaks them …

  5. Looks too bulky when folded up. I'm looking for the most compact electric folding bike that fits into any vehicle boot space comfortably. Have you reviewed the Vello bikes that recharge the battery when you ride them ? Thanks for your reviews.

  6. Vilano Ion seems to have another folding ebike on amazon now for 599$. Maybe it is improved design of the one you reviewed. Can you make a review of it?
    Also what about the Xiaomi ebike?

  7. I like your videos they're pretty well done the only complaint is dude you are a ratchet jaw sometimes you just rattle along too much I think you probably get a lot of complaints lot of jerks I'm sorry if I'm a jerk just think you talk too much sorry bro


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