Europe always seems to get bikes before the US, and sometimes, key models never even make it to American shores. The Tracer 700 a lightweight sport-tourer based on the popular MT-07 naked bike, is an example of such a machine.

Lucky for us, Yamaha’s Tracer was presented as a testbike during a recent Bridgestone tire launch in Morocco ( and we jumped at the opportunity to check it out. The video above gives you a rundown of what’s been done to differentiate this bike from its MT-07 sibling and ready it for sporty touring. Once we actually ride the Tracer—in Morocco, of all places!—we’ll update this story with a link to a full review.

We’re excited by the prospect of a light and feisty sport-tourer, so hopefully this model makes it to America later this year or in 2019. Does the Tracer appeal to you? Leave a comment below so we can try to convince Yamaha USA to bring this baby Stateside.


  1. Well, if this engine did impress you, then let me tell you guys that Yamaha is currently developing a Supertenere on this platform. Enjoy!!!

  2. Am I the only one who could see the 07 engine / frame fitted with a sportsbike setup? Like an upgrade to the R3. It would be great for people riding in the city who used to have an R3 (or similar), and now want to upgrade but don't want to go full into the supersports segment (and supersports pricetag). An R7 (or whatever it would be called) could work imo.

  3. Africa… what a shithole country that is… that's also a junk bike you're riding why don't you just delete this video it's not worth it no one gives a damn

  4. MT-07 is pissing me off on the account that it is a SV650 without the weight and complexity of a 90 degree v-twin. Of course I am a jealous SV owner. Yet objectively, apart from the great engine, an MT-07 is a plastic garbage can. Which is a shame… for both bikes.

  5. I've always found it very strange that some countries don't get the full lineup og bikes a maker makes. I understand that if there is a lack of importer of a certiain make, it's uavailable, but fore ekxample here in Denmark we don't get the Z125.. why is that? and WHY don't you get the tracer 700. it makes no sense to me.

  6. Hi, this version is the 2018. Have you look or find difference from 2017 model? Any improvements? like brakes or others?

  7. Awesome review and video Ari! Love the idea of the Tracer 700, hope they do bring it here to Canada and the US. Also looking forward to your review of the T31s as Im planning on ordering a set for my V-Strom. I do mostly street riding with only the odd gravel road romp. The T31 looks like a good fit and they sure fit my budget.

  8. Nice review man! One thing i dont get… U say u dont like that the softer when u get on the bumpy roads. Wouldnt it be more bumpy and less.comfortable is the suspension was harder? Please explain. Cheers

  9. Perfect 650-ish class do-it-all: Versys 650 as-is, with a 689cc CP2 stuck into it. Or a SV650 engine stuck into it. Anything but that 180º parallel.
    Kawasaki, do something with that harsh, buzzy, meh engine. Move the crank-pin just 90º closer to the other one and you've solved it.

  10. Funny that you say that suspension is soft when all the while it seems the bike bounces is if the springs are too stiff and the wheels do not track the surface

  11. Wouldn't the tracer 900 be a far superior bike to this and a better choice around. You should try one of them out.

  12. makes me sad Honda doesnt make their bike in this category anymore. loved that the cb600f baby tourer still had an inline 4 while all the other rivals are twins.

  13. I don't see a market in the USA. However, if they were to use the engine in a real touring bike with an adjustable suspension, hard bags, motorized screen to adjust while riding. I might consider one if it was available.

  14. So many beautiful roads in Europe it's a shame you had to test the bike on this dirt track. Yes, the suspension is the letdown on the Tracer 700, especially on these roads. Yamaha shortchanged the customer considering what you get on the Tracer 900, Hey thank you for the nice honest review it's always a pleasure to watch your vids. Frank.

  15. Versys 650 is a mushy couch on 2 wheels😆😆
    Did not ride the Tracer 7 yet.
    Moroccan food rules 🤟🤟


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