EuroMini URBANO 20” Folding Bike Unboxing Assembly and First Ride REVIEW Euro Mini Folding Bike Review

EuroMini Urbano Review

EuroMini Campo Review

EuroMini Via Review

EuroMini Folding Unfolding Tutorial


  1. me too got a folding bike recently,it is not just the workout riding on it and able to travel with me own bike I feels freedom just like riding a motorcycle (only a lot slower) I am happy with it and I think you feel the same too 🙂

  2. My Urbano just arrived. Handlebar angle was a little off, but other than that, very impressive pre-assembled bike.

  3. But how does the bike feel when riding in the STREET with car traffic? Did you feel like you could maneuver quickly enough to feel safe around cars and trucks?

  4. I have been in the bicycle industry for 40 years. A woman brought one of these to me to give it a free safety inspection. When she called me on the phone I was leery about an internet bike, but when I saw it I was rather impressed with the quality of the components and even surprised by the quality of the pre-assembly. Mind you, I did have to make a few adjustments, but overall the factory assembly was about as good as I have seen (although admittedly I did not remove the wheels to confirm the hub bearings were properly adjusted, which in my experience, they usually are not). It is one of the few instances where the never-heard-of-it manufacturer's suggested $500 MSRP is realistic, knowing what Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc. charge for bikes with similar components. $350 is not a bad buy.

  5. I started out with a Campo a few months ago. Like you, i was tremendously impressed. Debated a long while between the Urbano and a Camp Thunderbolt, which has 16 speeds and disc brakes. I went for the Thunderbolt…and have been waiting for the Urbano to go on sale since. Definitely more impressed with the Euromini product for the price. Good things come… and i decided to try the other two EuroMinis. Just unboxed the Urbano and am waiting till morning for my maiden ride!!! When you bought your Via in January, did it come with fenders as it does now? Did not appear so in your video and I wonder how it affects the unboxing process. Mine comes tomorrow. Let's start a EM (now Zizzo) bike club. I'm in SoCal too.


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