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  1. I wonder about the price – was it really 4 dollars? I think it should be about 40. In my country I could not buy even the cheapest tire for 4 dollars, not talking about the Maxxis brand.

  2. Uhhhhhhh, this video just doesn't really answer the question put forth in the title. I could care less about puncture resistence, tpi, etc., etc. This video isn't a review of the Crossmark. Since both tires are exactly the same except for the bead, please just go out and put 50-100 miles on the wirebead tire and then take it off and do the same with the foldable bead tire. Report on any difference, if any. Then, the question is answered. With this said, I've ridden wire and foldable versions of the same tire (most recent was the Panaracer RibMO road tire) and I can report that there is no difference worth mentioning (assuming the design/specs are identical). The foldable bead can be easier to put on though.

  3. You should of pumped them up and compared trueness, it took me ages to get my last foldable tyres to pump up true.

  4. Hello and thanks for the video. I have bikes with wire beaded cruiser tires and they are impossible to remove and add. I was so frustrated with it I cut the tires off. Wires even damaged my cutters. Can you please teach me how to remove and add these types of tires? Thank you.

  5. Do folding tyres not need an inner tube?

    I've seen people talking about folded because you can take a spare in case of puncture but if you get a puncture, it's the inner tube that needs replacing?

  6. Very good information, thank you! Flats can be a disaster. High pressure makes too hard a ride so I run medium pressure on all my bikes and ride very carefully, don't want tube pinch flats. Tubeless are nice but tubes are easy to fix on the road or trail.


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